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Age of Crusades - 1105AD RP Thread Empty Age of Crusades - 1105AD RP Thread

on Mon Jan 22, 2018 4:19 pm
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Age of Crusades - 1105AD RP Thread Empty Re: Age of Crusades - 1105AD RP Thread

on Tue Jan 30, 2018 6:51 pm
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A messenger arrived in Novgorod, with an important letter to the Duke. He was stopped at the city gate and was not allowed to enter the city. He showed a letter holding the seal of the governor of Kiev, but the news turned worse. The Duke and his royal northern force had left for Helsinki, to bring those lands under his control.

Age of Crusades - 1105AD RP Thread Novgor10

The currier's letter contained worrying news from the south. The southern force had spotted several Cuman armies on their way east, and despite it being the dukes largest and most powerful army it didn't have the manpower to stop the Cuman horselords. Kiev was vulnerable with only a small garrison of militia. There were even rumors that Moscow was under threat from these invaders. But they had a part of the Russian army close, and thus were much safer than Kiev. They were so confident that they planned to march their army east.

Age of Crusades - 1105AD RP Thread Cuman10

Meanwhile, the Duke himself led the siege at Helsinki, some of his advisers had warned him about the timing and said that they should focus their men to the south against the Cumans. But the Duke had an iron will, and his mind was fixed on taking these land. His biggest concern was that his duchy would look weak in the eyes of the kings Europe. And thus he decided to ignore his advisers and risked losing his entire duchy and his family name being turned into nothing.

Age of Crusades - 1105AD RP Thread Kalka-11

"The object of war is not to die for your country, but to make the other bastard die for his"

-G. Patton
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on Wed Jan 31, 2018 8:43 pm
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Turn 3's RP

Marton Strong Shield

Arrows rained down from the heavens, peppering Marton’s men. The vast turkoman army led by generals Kobyak of Tirgoviste, and Bator the Faithless had arrived on the field of battle. The horsemen weaved in close to Marton’s ranks while letting lose multiple barrages before winding back to a safe distance. Their arrows bounced harmlessly off of the Testudo formation Marton had drilled his soldiers on for the past ten years. Seeing that the arrows were ineffective, Kobyak, and Bator ordered their men to charge. The Hungarians were outnumbered almost two to one.

During his time on the eastern side of the empire, Marton had learned the tactics of their enemies well. Their love of horses and arrows in combat made it difficult to fight them when horses were few and far between. Luckily a passing merchant had given him an ancient book on Roman military tactics some time ago, as a gift for lodging and safe passage. And from that time on, the pavise spearman of Hungary have been feared by all, but the fiercest generals of the East. And so, following the bloodshed of the day, both generals paid the price for ignorance, and over confidence with their lives. Never again, will the eastern pagans underestimate the prowess of Marton, and his fabled Testudo formation.
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Age of Crusades - 1105AD RP Thread Empty Re: Age of Crusades - 1105AD RP Thread

on Mon Feb 05, 2018 6:18 pm
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France Turn3...
Age of Crusades - 1105AD RP Thread 436px-Blason_Thibaut_de_Montmorency.svg
[Thibaut, Seigneur de Montmorency coat of arms]

It was reported to Phillip I , King of France , that two spies had been infiltrated into one of the robber baron forts , on the coast of the River Loire. The King was getting old , and rather despondent about the situation but the royal prince, had been called down to the central region of France to settle a dispute , and was unavailable . The current Constable of France , was Thibaut, Seigneur de Montmorency, who really controlled and managed the army ,with the King moving with them , as a figurehead. The royal party was equipped with all sorts of luxuries to keep the elderly king happy about his situation, as the constable of France, rode up and down the column of troops keeping all things moving southward and in order, as the royal army of france, moving southward besides the mighty river Loire , which dominated the area, being a lifeline for the region.

Age of Crusades - 1105AD RP Thread 23liqtt
[The river Loire]

At times, the king and the constable conversed at camp , where the constable , ate at the kings table , and provided him with a summary on the progress of the army. As the skies turned sunny , the troops began to suffer in the summer heat , and more than a few troops began to suffer from heatstroke , particularly those with heavier armour. The king broached the subject of perhaps removing some of the heavier armour for the troops to relieve there suffering.

"En avril, ne te découvre pas d'un fil!" [Warm weather in April isn't to be trusted], replied the constable , perhaps warily of being caught on the road , by some of the robber barons forces , was keen to keep battle wariness of his troops .

Age of Crusades - 1105AD RP Thread 436px-Blason_comte_fr_Nevers.svg
[coat of arms , of town of Nevers]

After a couple of weeks of travel, the royal french army entered the town of nevers, which was situated on the eastern bank of the loire . The town was built  before ancient Roman times where they named it "Noviodunum" , the town was held by the Aedui [gallic roman allies]. Caesar had his hostages,  his military chest, with the money in it allowed him from home for the war, his own and his army's baggage and a great number of horses which had been bought for him in Spain and Italy stored in the town. After his failure before Gergovia, the Aedui at Noviodunum massacred those who were there to look after stores, the negotiators, and the travelers who were in the place , taking the loot, burning the town and escaping.
The city was later called Nevirnum, as the name appears in the Antonine Itinerary, and as things changed later took the name "Nevers".

The citizens of the town , welcomed the current kings army [at least at first appearance] and the towns stores were opened up to feed the army , as the enemy fort was nearby, controlling one of the more critical bridges over the Loire, and the constable thought it would be better to attack on the morrow with the troops having a proper full cooked meal.

Age of Crusades - 1105AD RP Thread Mhx8uf

At the town , the king laughed at the note passed to him, from messengers from anglo-norman England , at the excuse from the English King , Henry , to his erstwhile agent , still loose in French land.

"Shall we have him "taken" ,mon Seigneur?" , asked the spymaster of France , who had travelled with the King , to coordinate with his current agents.

"Let us be mercyful , for this english agent , have him return to the grounds , of Normandy , and have some of the royal court , search out this lady , if such exists" , the king grinned at the Norman's sense of humour, "But we certainly don't want another agent , wandering in  our lands, have the passport for this William Greystoke.............delayed for quite some time"

Much of those who sat at the Kings table , rose late in the morning , as the bountiful Loire valley wine [rather famous] had provided much merriment , that night , but equally much pain in the morning. The army under the constable marched onwards to the Chateau on the river where the Robber Baron , Guy de Limousin had a respectable force of heavy knights, spearmen and a few crossbowmen. His troops had spotted the kings army the night before and had his Fort, prepared against attack. The king was protected with his royal bodyguard and stayed in the comfortable townhouse, whilst his army went about its bloody work.

Age of Crusades - 1105AD RP Thread Wqtz5v

The two forces , exchanged crossbow shots throughout most of first few  days, the royal troops taking cover behind large tower shields and returned fire as best they could against those troops which seem well drilled within the confines of the chateau . But it was a moon lit night when the realwork began, as the two spies , Etienne de Toulouse and Blanchet Gassou in coordination with the French spymaster , had previously exchanged messages to make this the night to storm the gates. The spies had left the gates unlocked and silenced the guards and spearmen from the royalist troops first crept into the gatehouse ,with more heavier armed troops following, to finally secure such a critical position. The night was dark and full of terrors, as a hundred small hand to hand combats were fought in the old chateau , in the stairwells , in the halls etc . Casualties appeared light in the morn , and the rebels had been forced back to the keep . The constable ordered his men to withdraw after a few tries at the heavy defended keep , and many sergeants of the army asked the constable what he wanted to do in this situation.

"Il faut qu'une porte soit ouverte ou fermée!" ["A door must be open or closed."], replied the constable , and gave orders for all flammable materials to be placed against the main entrance to the keep, which was there only escape route. Later that night he ordered the great pile of combustibles lit and left the keep to burn away in the dark , whilst the crossbows kept careful aim, to prevent any of the defenders from trying to put out the fire , by hurling down , liquids.

Later in the morning , the keeps doors burnt away, the royal army stormed into the keep , finishing off , any of the defenders who were still capable of fighting, and the constable satisfied that the chateau was now in France's hands, left a small garrison to repair the damage and garrison the important crossing point. Where  he returned with the majority of the army to re-join with  the king , so they could march back to Paris.

Age of Crusades - 1105AD RP Thread 24visjo


Baldwin of Jerusalem had been told of the Egyptian diplomat who currently wandered the lands of Sidon , and sent word , that perhaps such a esteemed guest could pay there city a visit for talks , if he had a mind too...

Turn to HolyRomanEmpire

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Age of Crusades - 1105AD RP Thread Empty Re: Age of Crusades - 1105AD RP Thread

on Tue Feb 06, 2018 11:40 am
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Age of Crusades - 1105AD RP Thread 4be5a50a122b15c53232dae3d71505ba--vlad-the-impaler-ottoman-empire

"Long have our peoples bled in these desert sands and the fields beyond, their lives traded for pious glory and peace everlasting. In their wake are left the shattered remnants of our societies, torn at the heart by grief and hatred, rage and despair. Is it not a cruel joke that the city of God, of Allah the most merciful, should always leave its inhabitants fearful of the next great war? What a wicked fate! My great Sultan bids you spare thought to his words and share in his vision of peace. No more would the streets of Jerusalem know the stench of blood and decay; the wise Sultan Muhammed would see the creation of a steadfast peace, by which the bonds of men may come to join at the root of our many branching faiths."

The youthful voice, belonging to a prodigal diplomat and relative of the Sultan by name of Kilij Murat, echoed back to its owner in a small room, dimly lit by candle. He was confident enough, but he lacked a certain presence that came naturally only with experience; he would have to refine himself, and so he practiced his speech again.

At just 20 years of age many had questioned his assignment to this monumental task, but none dared to openly speak against the Sultan, for It was widely known that the Sultan's ambivalent nature ended where his own borders began. To his neighbors he was a fast friend and staunch ally, but those he ruled were no stranger to his iron fist, and as the years wore on and age did its work, so too did the Sultan become more wearying to dissidence and rebellion.

Already, a similar speech had been given to the Sicilians, who had been receptive to the idea. When they were given gifts of art, jewels, and gold, their commitment to peace was secured. Now, Jerusalem was but a week's ride away, and Kilij knew that France, responsible now for the most important city in the world, would be far warier, and so he recited his speech anew, awaiting daylight and the long road ahead.

treasure chest  pirat :
Age of Crusades - 1105AD RP Thread Hb_1976.245

Age of Crusades - 1105AD RP Thread Fenn


Iconian Mountains

Age of Crusades - 1105AD RP Thread Pub.history.saljuqi.ghale%20Roodkhan%20Castle%20Fooman-Gilan%20Province

Taj-Amir Kilij, heir to the Seljuk Sultanate, the celebrated Holy Warrior, the Beast of Baghdad himself has spent many weeks preparing for the coming storm. At the turn of the year, a Byzantine diplomat had arrived with threats of war and ultimatums, to which Taj-Amir responded with the construction of naval docks and warships. Now, Byzantium had returned with her royal fleet, cascaded across the coast of Smyrna and threatening to strike at any moment.

Within Iconium, Taj-Amir's influence spread all throughout Anatolia. For many years as a teenager he had toiled away behind the scenes, establishing contacts in the many mountain villages. Then, the Crusaders came, and for many more years Taj-Amir valiantly resisted the Christians, establishing a bloody legacy in the face of many defeats. When at last Jerusalem had fallen and Taj-Amir had allowed defeat in to his heart, his father had sent him away, back to Anatolia, far removed from possible vengeance and the ears of the venerable, warmongering Imams of Baghdad, so that work could begin on Muhammed's great vision of peace.

At present, the Imperial Prince was sat at council, revising orders and reorganizing provisions. War had been expected, yet still, it had come sudden. It would be many weeks before reinforcements could arrive, as the waters were far too dangerous to sail. The locals had grown accustomed to the purple standards brimming out at sea, which was a danger all its own. The news was not all bad, however; a messenger soon arrived bearing news of an assassin apprehended by a patrol along the road to Smyrna.

With each passing day, the shadow of war looms ever larger over the mountains of Anatolia...
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Age of Crusades - 1105AD RP Thread Empty Re: Age of Crusades - 1105AD RP Thread

on Sun Feb 11, 2018 5:34 pm
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The Baltic Tribes
(non faction specific event)

The Baltic region holds many tribes and fragmented countries. Currently, Shirmantas, a pagan warlord with his capital in Vilnius is the most feared rulers of the region. Having unheard leadership among the pagans, Shirmantas began to rule with ambitions and with the purpose to defend his people's state and religion against the ever explanding christian kingdoms of the west. Now, Boleslaw, the king of Poland has crossed the borders with the intent to conquer the tribes. Thinking his enemy is week, the polish king set up supply lines in advance, before massing a force to besiege the pagan city. Shirmantas has sallied out with his troops and various mercenaries to defeat the fragmented forces of Poland. A new war has begun in the East.

Effect: The Lithuanian tribes with the leadership of Shirmantas declares war on the Kingdom of Poland.

The Prince of Georgia

Age of Crusades - 1105AD RP Thread Davidthebuilder4764

At a time where the Selquk turks have the mightiest calpihate in the east, few kingdoms dare to challenge the rule of the Sultans. Far away from Rome, even Constantinople and Baghdad, lies the Kingdom of Georgia. A new, golden age has begun for them. From his 16th birthday, King David IV rules over his christian kingdom. David has built great palaces and castles, and defeated multiple Seljuq invasions, granting him the name "The Builder" and "The Restorer". But noone can delay the inevitable forever. The Sultan of the Selquks is coming with a great force, with who knows what intention. Knowing that he is outnumbered if the turks decide to attack, he leaves the city to station his troops in the nearby fort, and wait for the advancing turks. In the meantime, he sent envoys to persuade the already rebellious armenians to join his side, and paid crusader mercenaries to help, and to repell the turks for the last time.

Effect: The Kingdom of Georgia declares war on the Selquk Sultanate and calls the forces of the armenians to arms. Both armies get +4 Armored Swordsmen, +the general "Dragos" to lead the armenians. They will try to take Yerevan and defeat the advancing Selquk forces.

(clarification: This event was "scipted" to be triggered in turns 3-4 before the game even started.)
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Age of Crusades - 1105AD RP Thread Empty Re: Age of Crusades - 1105AD RP Thread

on Sat Feb 17, 2018 10:09 pm
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The Kingdom of Poland is furious at the mistake  Lithuania has done. We will be hunting you down, after what you did with our commanders Pawol and Stanislaus. We will remember them as heroes, and will avenge them on the battlefield. King Boleslaw will be leading the army heading for Vilnius, with over 2000 men. The Polish army is growing, new recruits are getting better day by day. Even the first ship was built, no not a fishing boat, a war galley. The army will be needed in the comming war. You can't trust anybody. In this game everyone lies, fights and dies for a throne..

Not only the Polish army and navy is growing. The markets have more wares to offer. The people are not hungry anymore.
There is no suffering or any kind of lack of food. The king is not selfish nor greedy. The people like King Boleslaw.
He made peace in his time, and Poland is seeing better times, for now. Let's hope her people won't suffer from any kind of lack.

Age of Crusades - 1105AD RP Thread 5f8fbd04fe6096190ad57383e448ab1f
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Age of Crusades - 1105AD RP Thread Empty Re: Age of Crusades - 1105AD RP Thread

on Sun Feb 18, 2018 2:41 am
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Age of Crusades - 1105AD RP Thread Assassins-Creed_Concept-Art_010

Ugron Kovac peered over the parapet of Vienna's massive walls. Guards prowled the walk ways, a good distance from his current position. Ugron hoisted himself up, and tied the rope he brought around one of the parapets. He tossed it down to the mercenaries down below. They seem more like poachers, rather than outstanding hunters. As long as they hit their marks, it matters little.

As the 'hunters' climbed, Ugron cautiously made his way to the gatehouse. Two men stood guard. One guard was looking out the small peep hole towards the expanse of the south, while the other began to make his way up the small tower above. As the guard left, Ugron crept up behind the remaining guard. He produced a knife from his bracer, and with quick, but agile movement, he held one hand over the man's mouth, and proceeded to give him a crimson smile. Ugron let the man's body slump against the wall, and slide to the floor. The man's eyes gazed with shock and fear at his attacker, as his soul departed the physical realm. Before the man's corpse had cooled, his brethren in arms had met a similar fate upon that tower.

Age of Crusades - 1105AD RP Thread 74aa7e42a04c18f085bd491131362437

Ugron watched from his roost upon the tower, as the mercenaries went to work. Guardsmen fell from the walls like flies caught in a spider's web. A horn sounded in the distance, and soon the Vienna's main garrison would arrive. The spy moved quickly down the tower, and with the help of a hunter, they were able to open the gates for their army.

'Army' was a general term. Azzony Oimeracz had been tasked with the capture of Vienna, and in return he would be adopted into the royal family. This was too good of a chance to pass up. However good the offer, the king's brother was less than adamant to surrender his forces. Having no other choice, Azzony resorted to recruiting retired veterans, mercenaries, and even 'professional' hunters. Having the men, all he needed was a man to get them in quickly, and quietly. A decent payment of gold, and Ugron the spy was his man.

Age of Crusades - 1105AD RP Thread Latest?cb=20110221103434

With all the pieces in place, Azzony charged through the gates, leading his men into battle. The hunters atop the walls provided perfect cover fire whilst their men formed ranks. And after the grind of infantry began, the archer support was most valuable, as Azzony lacked the correct morale guidance his troops so desperately needed, especially being mercenaries.  
Despite this, Azzony rallied his personal retainers to follow his lead. Together they rode from street to street, making their way to the city's esteemed church. The rumor's seemed over indulge on appearances, as the church was rather quite modest. Although disappointed by this, Azzony ordered his men to dismount. They marched into the church, unhindered.

Age of Crusades - 1105AD RP Thread Aedf0b23c9d274d0ee15a9fde3034446

Within the church, a dozen guards formed up into two ranks. Behind them, man knelt, head bowed in prayer. Leopold the Good. It appears the rumors were at least correct about him. His overzealous worship of the one true God has blinded him from his one true death.

Azzony motioned for his men to attack. They marched forward as a cohesive unit, quickly dispatching of Leopold's minor bodyguards. With only two casualties, Azzony personally drew his sword, and stepped nearer to Leopold. "Leopold the Saint. Leopold the Savior. Leopold the Good. Leopold the Dead." Azzony raised his sword, and cleaved down with all his might. Time seemed to slow down as Leopold turned, and blocked the blow with his own blade. "If you strike me down this day, I will convince the one true God, to make you pay for your crimes in this world, and smite you down." Azzony smirked, and spat right in the other man's eye. Leopold took a step back and grimaced. In that opportune moment, Azzony batted his opponent's blade aside, and impaled him through the weak chain of his neck. He withdrew his sword, and knelt in one swift motion. Azzony begged forgiveness for his killing one God's most esteemed followers. Although Azzony's main character is dominated by cruelty, his inner layer, or 'true self' is primarily ruled by God.
And with the passing of a true saint, victory was won.

Battle ~ https://imgur.com/a/DogR6
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Age of Crusades - 1105AD RP Thread Empty Re: Age of Crusades - 1105AD RP Thread

on Thu Feb 22, 2018 4:20 pm
Age of Crusades - 1105AD RP Thread 561px-France_Ancient_Arms.svg

Phillip , King of France , entered the city of Paris , with the royal army , being lead by the constable of France , who kept himself a little way behind the king , so the King could receive the majority of the acclaim from the crowds of Paris . The people called out there support and favour of the triumphant king. Banners had been strung between the close lying buildings , townsfolk and noble families all joined in the joyous celebration, as the king announced his triumph , and called for a day of celebration for the city . But his victorious procession passed all too quickly , with the troops being garrisoned , the constable leaving to review troops in the west and so he returned to his  quiet seclusion of the royal palace, with the political manipulations of his wife , and courtiers of the court.

Age of Crusades - 1105AD RP Thread 14l6lwl

There was two points of interest however , as a nobleman called Evrart of the city of Orleans had arrived to protest at the unfairness of his city [actually a fort] being occupied by a bastard who took  his family lands , and wanting support of some sort from the crown to again recapture his fiefdom. The King , took such requests with great interest , but expressed his regret to the young noble , that the crown , will in the fullness of time ,would  address his issue, but his kingdom needed adequate time to rest and recover the army of france .

He knew that the crown prince , Louie planned  a attack , and also the Count of Toulouse likewise wished to challenge the robber baron in there local areas, and this would severely deplete the French armies. Combine this with a request from Normandy, to withdraw from his fort, lest that also lead to war .Additionally there was also major movements from some of the burgundy forces towards Nevers , which was to great a threat, to also include this new nobles request, but he would keep him close ,until he could use his claim to settle the matter.

Age of Crusades - 1105AD RP Thread 436px-Coat_of_arms_of_the_ancient_university_of_Paris.svg
[Coat of arms of the ancient university of Paris]

Gilles Bourdon, the French spymaster, has asked the  king, for a place of learning to be started , so recruitment of better spies could be trained , which would be a critical element of French defence , as there country being surrounded by other countries ,  would have to be aware of any problems before they would be started. The crown agreed with the suggestion , and provided some funds ,to start the building project.

{actually the original university emerged around 1150 as a corporation associated with the cathedral school of Notre Dame de Paris, it was considered the second-oldest university in Europe}


Age of Crusades - 1105AD RP Thread 436px-Blason_comte_fr_Anjou.svg
[Coat of arms of the Capets of Anjou]

Louie , Crown prince of France , had brought in as many armies as he could, recruited from the central regions of France, to bring down the mighty robber barons , who occupied the City of Nantes[actually another,fort] . Capet family members of Anjou had come down from the north , whilst Louie with the additional support of Hughes de Burgundy , William of Poitiers had brought all the main forces of central France down upon the forces of Folques de Tours . French spies had been placed with the cities walls, and had also reached even inside the walls of the fort , to fully prepare for the battle to come. The assembled forces surrounded the city  ,and called upon the baron to surrender , but he repeatedly ignored there requests to open the gates , and the defenders even had the spite to fling dead cows and other animals at the besieging forces.

Age of Crusades - 1105AD RP Thread 24o6due

But things changed during the night, when the French spies who were well placed, and had good numbers , to easily enough open up all the gates , to the city , a fired flaming arrow alerted the attackers that all was prepared and the combined French forces flooded into the city taking many of the defenders by surprise. Combat flooded into the streets, as the defenders hastily made a defence with spearmen , who had little armour , as they had no time to prepare. Greater numbers favoured the French forces , who made good ground within the city, until many of the defenders , knowing the way the battle was going, had no other options but to withdrew to the main keep.

Age of Crusades - 1105AD RP Thread 800px-ChateauNantesEntrance1900

[The Château des ducs de Bretagne (English: Castle of the Dukes of Brittany) is a large castle located in the city of Nantes in the Loire-Atlantique département of France; it served as the centre of the historical province of Brittany until its separation in 1941]

The french fortress within Nantes had stout walls , and it was placed immediately under siege the next morning when there was light enough to see. The skirmishes between the defenders and the French forces took many weeks , the battle in the balance despite there being french spies  within the fortress garrison, but at from the first, they had not the opportunity to act. Once things grew settled and the defenders began to get comfortable with the routine skirmish's, the guard's became more relaxed and less vigilant to the secret threat from within. This allowed the French forces to again storm the keep in the early hours of the morning , when the spies opened the drawbridge from the inside , making the fort run with carnage. Spearmen and French knights met likewise equipped troops, who had thrown in there lot with Folques , having nowhere else to run too .But ultimately the French had the numbers , and at great expense of life, the city of Nantes was taken[fort] and the critical route to the north had been secured .

Age of Crusades - 1105AD RP Thread 436px-Petites_Armes_de_Nantes.svg
[coat of arms of city of Nantes]

Louie , slept badly that night , his dreams marked by the combat , he had contributed in, his nightmares replaying over and over in his brain. Within the fort during the melee, he had rapidly blocked ,a man at arms , blade, when the opposing foe had lifted a stiletto dagger in his otherhand . Caught completely by surprise he could only watch  as the thin blade moved towards his visor as if in slow motion. Luckily the blade had missed the aperture and deflected off the good steel helm , but the shock had unnerved him , and the resulting nightmares showed a successful dagger strike ,which  kept his current sleep light. He resolved from now on to enjoy life more , sampling all the delights the city of Nantes had to offer in both , food , wine , and women , whilst keeping his royal person safe for future battles..

Age of Crusades - 1105AD RP Thread 2jd2rtj


Age of Crusades - 1105AD RP Thread Ndoq68

{I am using the picture of the "The Château de Puilaurens" which is perhaps out of position mapwise] but belonged to cathars , which had to fight off both france and Spanish influence. Puilaurens was ceded to the French some time before 1255. After 1258 its possession by the French crown was ratified by the Treaty of Corbeil, when the Aragonese border was moved south. In 1260, it was garrisoned by 25 sergeants. In the 13th century it belonged to the Lords of Fenouillet. Defended by Pierre Catala and, more importantly, by Guillaume de Peyrepertuse, it withstood attack by Simon de Montfort [that man again!]and his successors until the end of the crusades .It was taken by Spanish troops in 1635. }  

It had taken many months for the army of Toulouse to be ready , and the peoples of the land to be settled and comfortable that the army could move. The cathars , who lived in the surrounding area , were unsettled as the giant army departed , as they worried it might have been turned upon them , but the great army marched westwards to deal with another of the robber barons, who were a law unto themselves in what was considered French terrority. Miltia spear troops had been requested from the nearby countryside and other nearby nobles were also ordered into the giant lumbering army group as it began to reach its destination.

Age of Crusades - 1105AD RP Thread 436px-Blason_ville_fr_Toulouse_%28Haute-Garonne%29.svg

{Coat of arms of Toulouse , notice the cross, which represents the "counts of Tolouse" banner}

The fort was well placed on a rocky outcrop which made it difficult to assault , and Betrand de Toulouse knew that the siege would be a bloody one , but he did have the imperial French spies well placed within the defences. Things would be made easier , when the Baron , a "Guilhelm de Aquaitaine"  had sent out a herald, pronouncing that he would meet the Count of Toulouse's forces on the field of battle, in the next few days, and so the Toulousian forces began to camp and await developments. A small string of forces with great banners left the fort , the next day and lined the field camping, and although the Counts forces where more numerous , the forces of Aquitaine were certainly experienced , and confidant in  there prowess of the field of battle.

Toulousian forces began to take the field on the next day , with the forces of Aquitaine likewise , as a large field became another battlefield of France. The battle started easily enough with crossbow forces on both sides , skirmishing on the field. Neither side seemed to be taking the advantage , as the crossbow's were notoriously slow to load , and neither side had bought a sufficient number, to make a advantage on the other side. For hours it , seemed , the twang of crossbow bolt , and ratcheting sound of rapidly reloading, filled the air. But the Aquitaine lord , had grew annoyed at the lack of progress of his forces, and soon withdrew his missle forces in disgust. He himself would win the day with his unbeatable cavalry, with his  deployment of perhaps some of the best cavalry in all France ,and started to assemble the cavalry. Betrand was well versed in heavy cavalry tactics but neglected to deploy his own cavalry yet, content to keep them in reserve and rather sent forward his miltia spearmen in schiltrom formation with some support from his crossbowmen.

Age of Crusades - 1105AD RP Thread 33p6nte

Guilhelm, raised high the banner of the Aquitaine troops and moved his horse a little more prominently forward of his battle line to address his troops . The troops of foot were still uncertain shuffling there feet from side to side, viewing the slightly mightier army of Toulouse and he could see indecision and worry in there faces, but the knights, held little fear in there glaze , for they had never failed on the field.

"À cœur vaillant rien d'impossible!!!" [trans:To a valient heart nothing impossible!!!], cried Guilhelm closing his visors and the rest of the heavy  knights of Aquitaine formed a rough battleline , jostling for position ,as they each sought to be first into battle.

The Aquitaine lord , who still aggravated at Toulouse tactics rejected there challenge ,in sending forth there base troops and called for a  charge and the heavy knights with glory in the hearts , at never being defeated charged into the spear schiltrom formation who marched towards them . The spearman took the charge valiantly and although the charge was devastating giving  heavy casualties to the spearmen , but they still held there ground and did not break. The resulting crossbow fire from the supporting french troops which hit both knights and miltia spearmen, would be the only thing which would break the schiltrom troops but equally , it would break the heavy knights of Aquitaine from being a fighting force, and the resultant withdrawal of those knights, would lead to a charge from the rest of Toulouse forces . The resulting melee was greatly in Toulouse's favour and the Count sat back on his saddle , comfortable to direct his troops from afar , as the battle swung comfortingly in there favour..

"It is our Destiny , to take this land ,for the Counts of Toulouse , ......and for the King of France " , he stated , finishing the second part of the statement, perhaps a little more quietly than the first.

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Back in the holyland , a Al-Fatimuyuan diplomate , stayed at the city of Jerusalem for talks , with King Baldwin of Jerusalem . What they talked about , none could say, although it was reported that Baldwin was all smiles at the end of the meeting , and showered the diplomat , Salam of Luxor with many gifts before letting him go on his way....


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As Sultan Muhammed advanced his force through the Yerevan mountains, new reports of Georgian movement continued to arrive at the head of the marching Turkish army. It had been well over a day since the men had been given a chance to rest, with dozens left whipped and collapsed along the roadside as a warning to the rest. Respite lay in Yerevan, just beyond a final climb a mile down the road, and the pace of the Royal Army quickened at the sight.

Beckoning his quartermaster over, the Sultan spoke curtly, "Divide our men as they enter the town. All cavalry regiments will make for the river. Water the horses, and set the archers to patrol along the road to the Armenian position. Split the infantry by age. The youngest will be fed immediately before we press on to crush the rebels at Tbilisi. Leave our veterans to garrison the town and collect all outstanding taxes. You will personally  go to the mines and collect their iron. Suffer no disobedience; the rebels may be among us."

With that, he set off to feed himself and gather his strength. Within the hour, Sultan Muhammed had reemerged from the mayor's quarter's and officers set off to gather a force for the quelling of the Georgian estate. The men were nervous along the march, their exhaustion a potent breeding ground for fearful thoughts. Their heads low, they trudged on, till at last they arrived at the Georgian castle.

Age of Crusades - 1105AD RP Thread 1024px-Narikala_fortress%2C_Tbilisi%2C_Georgia

From afar the sight was foreboding, and the men slowed their pace. None were glad of the fight to come, but the Sultan cracked his marching whip and snarled at them, "Have you come so far from your homes to face your deaths so pitifully!? March on, you dogs! I will suffer the Georgians no longer!"

As they neared the range of the walls, the force was halted and spread in a double line, the infantry ahead and skirmishers behind to provide cover. Right on cue, hooded figures appeared upon the ramparts, confused shouts erupting in to terrified screams as men were flung over the walls in to the rocks below. The Sultan smiled and spoke to no one in particular, "Taj-Amir's word was as gold. Charge!"


To call it a battle would be generous. Though some of the Sultan's force fell in their mad rush to the gates, the rebels were quick to break without an able commander to maintain order. Many attempted surrender only to be cut down amidst their pleas. With the majority of the killing done, the men set to looting and eradicating the city of any blasphemous material and burning down the churches as their Sultan prepared for the next stage of the war.
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