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TET - RP and Event Thread Empty TET - RP and Event Thread

on Thu Jan 18, 2018 10:17 am
Post all of RPs here and events will be posted here aswell regarding The End Times hotseat.
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TET - RP and Event Thread Empty Re: TET - RP and Event Thread

on Fri Jan 26, 2018 6:16 am
TET - RP and Event Thread Battle10
TET - RP and Event Thread Battle11

Count Marius thought his realm secure as he prepared his armies in Averheim to march to war. However, while his scouts had perfect intelligence on the Orcs marching against the Everpeak, their competence was lacking in watching orcs closer to home. Seemingly out of nowhere, a great hoard of orcs riding boars appeared beneath the walls of Grenzstdat, the great city guarding Blackfire Pass.

It was a disaster. The armies marshaling in Averheim would not be able to reach the beleaguered city. However, Count Marius resolved that the city would not fall. State troops marched on Grenzstdat from every nearby town and fortress, most critical of all, a large border garrison had been left near Potting to guard the Stirland border. These troops included several elite regiments of heavily armored Halberds.

These disparate armies arrived at the gates of Gremsztdat while the Orcs were still focused on their siege. They were so caught by surprise that the garrison within the city was able to link up with the relief force before the orcs could react. Again and again, the boar-mounted Orcs charged the line of elite heavy halberds, and again and again they were repulsed. Every regiment felled hundreds of greenskins by the end of the day, and their colors were granted prominent placement in Averheim's Hall of Honor.

The southern border had been saved, but for how long? The Greenskins were rampaging across the Border Princes, taking city after city. How long before a stronger force arrived to finish what these raiders had started?
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