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The End Times - Description, Rules and Players Empty The End Times - Description, Rules and Players

on Thu Jan 18, 2018 10:13 am
Credits goes for Gigantus for his own version
of the original Call of Warhammer, Rage of the Dark Gods.

The End Times - Description, Rules and Players 1-590

"The Three-Eyed King has long awaited this moment, the hour of which his destiny is at last unveiled. He leads an army of madness and rage, against which no sane being would willingly stand. Perhaps I am not sane, as I will fight one last time. Not for victory, but for survival, for the hope that a spark can endure. It is a slender hope, and the laughter of the Dark Gods rings loud in my ears.....These are the End Times..."

Welcome to the first official Main Section hosted Warhammer Gaming Staff Event. This will use the format of the 1 vs many scenario, which people wanted to experience. I will be the challenger of the players of the Empire. Can they stand againts me or will they fail?
The Empire of men is on the brink of extinction in these dark times. Savage hordes are attacking the borders and internal heretic cults and beastmens ravages the lands. The tides of Greenskins from the far east are now preparing for a new WAAAGHHH and while the world slowly engulfed in war an old, evil and dangerous powers rising in the far north and ready to unleash the tide of utter destruction.
The Chaos Gods chosed their new Chosen Champion, Archeon! Under his leadership the hordes of warriors under chaos are now assembling and soon will pour onto the old world. Only the soldiers of the Empire stands in their way! Do the Empire has the power to resist or will they fall in the darkness!

We will be using the Rage of the Dark Gods 1.6 version, which you can find a detailed installation here.
After that everyone needs to download this, unpack it and put the files into the correct place.
After you are done use this test save to check if everything works.

The Grand Principality of Reikland - cowcow
The Grand County of Wissenland - Ramble12
The Grand County of Averland - AdmiralThrawn
The Grand County of Stirland - Arbo
The Grand Duchies of Middenheim and Middenland - Open
The Grand Duchy of Talabecland - Open
The Grand Principality of Ostland - Hannibal2001
The League of Ostermark - Mergor
The Grand Barony of Hochland - Captainnorway
The Grand Barony of Nordland - Captain Melon

Admin Factions - Dragon.
Hordes of Chaos

The Goal for the Empire players is to survive the onslaught of the outsider forces and stand their ground as long as they can.
The Empire alliance loses, if Altdorf is lost and Karl Franz is killed.
Karl Franz must be in the fights or atleast in 1 turn range of the fights. He is the exemplary leader of Sigmar and the men of the Empire. His presence is needed in the battlefield in these dark times.

The Empire alliance wins, if they manages to kill Grimgor Ironhide leader of the Orc WAAAAGGGHHHH armies and the Chosen Champion of the Chaos Gods, Archeon, the Everchosen and controls over atleast half of the Empire territories.

Roleplaying is not essential part, but to create the dark feeling of this world would be most enjoyable for some, therefore those who like to make RP are welcomed and encouraged here.

The Rules

- Time for you to play your turn is 48hr. The Admin may grant a 24h extension occasionally.

- No exploits/bugs allowed.

Posting defeats, making walls of units on map to disallow enemy agents to move and stomping/killing agents with units, surrounding armies/navies to deny retreat, intentionally spreading a plague with agents/units, stepping on a merchant to remove him from a trade resource, exploiting AI factions ( for example demanding/accepting money or settlements from AI factions), and more.
- Suiciding a faction you play is not allowed, and may result into a removal from all GS events.

- List of known bugs:
1) The naval fort bug: No using ships to bypass a fort's or a settlement's Zone of Control.

2) Ambush fort bug: No luring men in ambush position into ZoC of forts\settlement's as such robbing them of their movement points.

3) Siege reinforcement bug: when the army is adjacent to a fort or a settlements that has been put under siege it cannot reinforce armies adjacent to him which he should have been able to reinforce on normal occasions. Attacking an army which the siege reinforcements bug applies to is not allowed
Navy inside ports attacked bug: no using this bug to attack ships which are inside ports.

4) Yoyo armies\forts bug: no attacking an army which the bug has been used on multiple times. You can see when this bug occurs, as the enemy army enters the fort and then leaves it.

5) Attacking ships inside the port - Attacking ships that are inside ports is not allowed.

6) Recruitment pool fill up - Quing up units in the recruitment sloots to increase artifically units/agents maximum number you can recruit in one settlement.

7) Recruting mercenaries in forts with depleted movement points - Using forts to get illegal maximum movement points to mercenaries in a depleted army.

8 ) Using ships to get more movement range - Using ships to give more movement range to armies on seas.

Military rules

- All battles are auto-resolved between players. Screenshots must be posted with: odds and result screens, mouse over the odds bar to show the ratio, the armies involved with their banners visible on the campaign map, unit card of siege unit must be visible if used to directly assault settlement. Manual battles against AI however is allowed.
- Armies that are defeated in battle by a player that comes after them in the turn list may not move the following turn. This is to make it fair for people who are defeated by players that come before them in the turn list.Armies standing in a settlement when defeated are excluded from this rule.

Heroic victories against players are not be allowed. However, occasionally it happens player cant get any other type of victory then heroic victory. In such cases heroic victories may be allowed, but only if the odds are higher for the attacker than 1:1.

- You are not allowed to post a defeat
- Ships cannot leave blockaded ports. No attacking ships in ports using a game bug. It's not allowed to keep units protected by placing them in ships docked in a port.
-Not allowed to besiege a settlement to deny its garrison participation in battle.
- You are not allowed to besiege a settlement to deny enemy retreat into it.
- You are not allowed to lure an ambushing army a tile closer to bring it in range of more of your forces.
- Limit of 3 forts per region per player. At least 4 units per fort are required.
- Each unit of siege equipments/cannons can be used just once in each turn to take settlement or fort.
Crusade/Jihad (WAAAAGGGHHHH) are not allowed!

Agent rules

- Spies are not allowed to open Gates on players, unless there is at least 40% chance of entering into the settlement and 2 spy is needed to open gates. If a spy was has been in city for several turns, you will have to leave the settlement and enter it again. If inside the settlement is at least 900 soldiers , than a spy may not open the gates anyway. Screenshots must be provided.
- Assassins cannot sabotage and are not allowed to kill family members or generals. Assassins need at least 50% chance to kill other agents, for enemy assassins/spies just 30% is required. Screenshots must be provided
- Merchants need 60% to acquire other merchant's assets. Only allowed in your own regions, Rebel Controlled Regions, or regions you have aquired Trade rights to. Screenshots required
- Bribed units/agents cant move for one turn. You can bribe only settlements/forts that your armies can directly march into.

Settlement rules

-In order to Destroy any buildings you must have held control of the settlement for at least 3 turns.
- You may not destroy a building if the settlement is under siege or an overwhelming enemy force is 1 turn away.
- Not allowed to exterminate settlements.
-You may not trade settlements with your other faction
-Whenever a settlement is gifted, disband all but 1 unit.

Special Rules

These rules only apply to the chaos faction. The level of chaos cult religion in the territories of settlements apply different effects.
If the level of chaos cult religion is 25% or above chaos agents (spies, assassins) are free to move in and do their jobs. The agent rules above will apply to them for now. Moreover chaos horde armies will more likely show up in greater numbers.
If the level of chaos cult religion is 50% or above, daemons from the warp can materialize in our physical world. Daemons may spawn irregularly in the nearby territory and chaos armies with great variety of daemons will show up. Empire generals with 4 or less piety can be bribed by the chaos horde to join their side.
If the level of chaos cult religion is 75% or above, the territory is now under almost full control of chaos. More daemons will spawn in and the more powerful and greater Daemons and Daemon Princes can arrive now into the physical world. Generals can be now assassinated by chaos assassins and will need atleast 50% to do so. Chaos spies can now open gates with atleast 30% chance and only one spy needed to open the gates.
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