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HRE - Hotseat Rules and List of Players Empty HRE - Hotseat Rules and List of Players

on Thu Jan 11, 2018 8:06 pm

Holy Roman Empire

Roleplay Hotseat

Das Heilige Römische Reich mod

HRE - Hotseat Rules and List of Players 1024?cb=20141226190634

Fulll Download (just extract into mods and play) - LINK

Admins - Dragon.
Co - Admin - vacant

HRE status:
At peace

Holy Roman Empire:

The Holy Roman Emperor Heinrich IV Salian - Herzogtum Franken ( Duchy of Franconia) - HannibalExMachina
České knížectvi ( Duchy of Bohemia) - Jadli
Herzogtum Schwaben ( Duchy of Schwabia) - Captain Melon
Herzogtum Niederlothringen ( Duchy of Lower Lorraine) - Ventos Mustel
Herzogtum Oberlothringen ( Duchy of Upper Lorraine) - xXAmonXx
Grafshaft Burgundy ( County of Burgundy) - OPEN
Herzogtum Sachsen ( Duchy of Saxony) - OPEN
Marci di Lombardia ( Milan) - JCdestr0yer
Herzogtum Bayern ( Duchy of Bavaria) - subbed by Austria
Markgrafshaft Osterreich ( Margraviate of Austria) - paladinbob123

Independent kingdoms:
Serenissima republica de San Marco ( Venice) - cowcow
Ducato di Puglia e Calabria (Duchy of Sicily) - Panda_Slayer
Magyar Királyság (Kingdom of Hungary) - OPEN
Królestwo Polskie (Kingdom of Poland) - OPEN
Royaume de France ( Kingdom of France) - OPEN
Kingdom of England - OPEN

Pope - captainnorway

Turn order
Kingdom of England
Kingdom of France
Duchy of Franconia
Duchy of Bohemia
Margraviate of Austria
Duchy of Bayern
County of Burgundy
Duchy of Sachsen
Duchy of Swabia
Duchy of Upper Lorraine
Duchy of Lower Lorraine
Duchy of Sicily
Kingdom of Poland
Kingdom of Hungary


RP rules

- You are playing as faction leader of your faction, not your faction as whole. Thus you are not allowed to suicide your FL or your faction ( imagine you play CK2)
- This HS will be focused mainly on your in-game characters and politics. Important events and political decisions has to be RPed, or at least announced.
- No adoptions allowed ( if your faction is in danger of being destroyed because lacking FMs, you are allowed to make a regent (by adoption) to rule instead of your children until they grow up). You have to take care of your family members ( there are large family trees). Important family events should be RPed or announced - death of FH/FL and weddings with other players.
- For breaking RP rules you will be kicked from the HS.

Claiming titles
- You are not allowed to take any settlement without a claim ( except civil wars, crusades, etc). Even from AI/rebels.
- Only settlements that lie at your borders can be claimed. HRE factions can claim any settlements ( not home settlements) withing HRE or at its borders.
- You are not allowed to claim a settlement from a faction, if your armies are in lands of the faction ( or occupying settlements that should be theirs)
-To claim a settlement you must pay 5k ( including AI factions).
- To claim all home settlements of the faction that you were related to by marriage (the factions is now destroyed) you must pay only 5k.
- Settlements that were yours once ( rightfully) can be reclaimed with 2,5k.

- You have 10 turns to take the settlement/ you have claim ( or conquest etc) for, if you dont manage it, you lose your claim and the war ends.
- You can claim settlement of the faction that has claimed your settlement for 2,5k as long as you are invaded ( so there will be two claims/wars in the same time).

- Once the invader ( or his allies) holds claimed settlement for 3 turns, the war ends. The war also ends if you have under siege enemy´s last settlement, and they have no hope to lift it. The settlement the invader/defender fought for remains their, other settlements that has been taken must be returned ( from both sides).
- You cannot claim a settlement from the same human faction twice in row, unless 5 turns passed since the end of last claim.

- You are not allowed to claim home settlements of the other factions. Home settlements cant be gifted. If your home settlements is in the hands of other faction, you can start war to take it without paying anything ( after for example imperial ban or excommunication).

- Vassal states of HRE and The Pope cannot press more than 1 claim in the same time.
- Independent kingdoms can claim 2 claims in the same time.
- The Roman king can press 3 claims in the same time.
- Holy Roman Emperor can press three 4 claims in the same time.

-After all players play theit turns, turn will be "admin turn", when he does all money changes. After he does it, he will check all factions ( by entering their next turn with preset passwords), if they will be in debt, the claim will not be granted. Their money will not be returned.
- Your claim has to be posted in thread, and also PM admin (PM will have title "HRE-number of turn-settlement")

Independent kingdoms
- If an independent kingdom claims a settlement/faction within HRE, the kingdom is at war with the entire HRE.
- HRE factions should claim settlements from other independent kingdoms only with approval from their liege.
-They can participate in HRE wars if they are invited. After the war they have to return all settlements they took within HRE. If they supported new Roman King/Emperor, he can let them keep some settlements as reward. Ïf they are defeated (last settlement under siege), they cannot participate in the civil war anymore, but their settlements will be returned immediately, not after the war.
- Independent kingdom can take settlements from other independent kingdom without a claim if each of them is participating in HRE civil war on different sides ( but cannot destroy the faction). After the war they have to return all settlements they took. They can keep settlements they claimed before their armies entered the other kingdom.

- If independent factions attack excommunicated factions within HRE, they might be at war with the entire HRE, as no of sides of a civil war is interested in giving up part of HRE to a foreign realm without a permission.

- They can claim the entire AI christian kingdom for 15k.

- They can declare conquest on another human independent faction. Conquest can be declared only with approval of pope/antipope, and 15k paid to admin. Conquest allows you to claim 2 home settlement of the enemy faction after the war with same requirements of winning as in "claiming titles". If the enemy faction doesnt manage to take it back in 10 turns, the settlement will be removed from their home settlements.
- In case the conquest is declared upon HRE, 2 home settlements dont have to be from the same HRE faction.
- You can declare conquest against the same faction only once per life of your FL.

- HRE faction can become independent state if they have their own kingdom within HRE. They have to pay 15k, and they need official approval of the pope/antipope and The Roman King/Emperor ( if he refuses, the war might begin).

Aquiring a kingdom
- You can claim crown of a destroyed christian kingdom if you control all its starting settlement for 15k. You need official approval of pope/antipope and also official approval of your emperor is you are his vassal ( HRE must be at peace).
- There are two bonus historical kingdoms - Kingdom of Bohemia and Burgundy. These can be claimed only by Duchy of Bohemia and County of Burgundy, or, if they are destroyed, by the faction that was related to them by marriage ( only if it was kingdom before it was destroyed).
- Becoming king (also The Roman king) allows you to pick one more home settlements. Becoming Emperor allows you to pick another.

Crown of Italy
- Crown of Italy can be claimed if you are an independent faction and if you own more than 50% of Italy. You have to pay 15k, and you need official approval from the pope/antipope, who will crown you in Rome ( your FL has to travel here).
- IF HRE controls more than 50% of Italy, it King/Emperor can claim the the tiltle (via requirements above). Exception for italian factions : If Milan ( or Sicily/Venice if they become vassals of HRE) manages to fulfill the requirements, Milan becomes independent and becomes Kingdom of Italy.
- Crown of Italy allows you to to start a war against other italian factions ( except Pope). If you win, they become your vassals (you can keep all settlements you took from them except their home settlements). Declaration of war costs you 7,5k.
- King of Italy can also claim settlements of non-italian factions in Italy, if they hold some settlements there, for a half price.

- (Arch)Bishops can be appointed by hiring priest/recruiting general(or sending recruited general here for 1 turn) in a city with vacant (arch)bishop title.
- Independent rulers believe, they have the right to appoint (arch)bishops in their lands instead of pope. Appointment of (arch)bishops can become subject of dispute between the pope and a ruler, with possible future consequences.
-(Arch)bishops appointment has to be officially confirmed by pope/antipope. If you dont have approval, you have to pay 2,5k to admin to make bishop confirmed, 5k for archbishop/patriarch.
- As long as you are excommunicated, no new (arch) bishops can be appointed, unless you have support of antipope who cancels the excommunication upon you.
- It all has to be done publicly in the thread. If you ask to name (arch)bishop, you have to post a pic of him, showing he has the ancillary. Confirmation has to be also done publicly.
- Only confirmed (arch)bishop can be used in following in situations (all (arch)bishops that you start with are already confirmed). You have to state the name of the (arch)bishop in these actions:
To claim a settlement, you need at least one (arch)bishop in your faction to approve the act in the name of church. To claim a faction, you need archbishop, he is also needed for a conquest.
(Arch)Bishop is required to wed your characters. Without him no wedding can happen.
If you wish to be crowned king, only archbishop/patriarch may crown you ( he can be from other faction if its player approves).
If you wish to appoint an antipope, the factions that intend to appoint him, need at least 3 archbishops/patriarchs and 10 bishops. If you dont have enough bishops, but have more archbishops/patriarchs then you need, they can count as bishops.
- Pope cant claim any settlement from AI or human factions, he can be only gifted with settlements. He can take settlements only from rebels ( with a claim), excommunicated faction or from the factions the crusade has been declared on.
- Pope can declare crusade.
- Pope is hostile towards factions that has less than three crosses. In the most extreme cases, the faction can be excommunicated. Pope has to protect factions that has more than 6 crosses, although he always should protect the faction with more crosses than the one with less crosses.
- He can declare war only upon factions that has 2 or less crosses. Being at war with the pope means you are excommunicated ( the pope player can ask admin to set the war between him and the character that should be excommunicated.) Excommunication costs 10k per piety of FL who shall be excommunicated.
- The excommunicated faction can be attacked by anyone, it can be even destroyed. Settlements of the faction can be taken and kept as long as the excommunication lasts.
- Vassals or allies of the excommunicated faction are automatically excommunicated. ( their excommunication ends when the faction that caused the excommunication is not excommunicated anymore).
- The excommunication ends might with death of excommunicated character or with atonement. Or if the pope dies, and new pope has good relations with excommunicated faction (more than 2 crosses), the excommunication is cancelled.
- Excommunicated factions can take papal settlements without a claim. Once the excommunication is over they can keep only settlements that are not papal home settlements.
- If an excommunicated faction takes takes Rome, and hold it until new pope is elected, they can enforce cancellation of the excommunication. Admin may be asked to end the war via console command.
-Pope is hostile against all factions supporting antipope.
- If an antipope takes Rome and hold it when the rome pope dies, he becomes the rightful pope. As long as the antipope holds Rome, he is the rightful pope. The pope from papal faction is not a pope as long as this lasts.

- Playing pope will require player to change his diplomacy often depending on who becomes the pope.

- Antipope can be appointed by The Roman King/Counter King/Emperor or any independent faction if they hold ecclesiastical council where the decision is made( must be RPed).
- To appoint antipope, you or your ally/vassal (with his approval) must have a confirmed archbishop/patriarch/cardinal ( bishops cant). Only archbishops/patriarchs/cardinal that are present in game as a general can be made antipope.
- Antipope is played by the player who owns him.
- Antipope cancels the effect of excommunication upon those who support him. Pope can do the same.
- Antipope can excommunicate factions, he has to pay 10k/per piety of the excommunicated character.

- Pope can grant claim for 2,5k at the setlements of those who support antipope to those who support the pope. Antipope can do the same.
- The faction that initiated his appointment and the faction he belongs to must support him until his death.
- The schism ends with death of antipope ( or when cardinal antipope is elected pope). New antipope can be appointed with the same procedure as before ( money need to be paid again).
- Appointment costs 30k. If you are the faction who owns antipope, you can cancel his appointment by the same amount of gold you paid to appoint him.

- During papal schism, no crusades can be declared.

- Crusade can declared only when no faction is excommunicated and when there is no antipope
- To declare crusade you have to pay 10k.
- Crusades can be declared only against a faction with different religion ( first crusade must be declared into Jerusalem, in this case, all settlements in Holy Land can be conquered).
- Characters that join the crusade mustnt abandon it. Crusaders are allowed to fight only factions of the religion the crusade has been declared on. They can keep any settlement they take from the faction.

Holy Roman Empire

- Ruler of Holy Roman Empire is The Roman King who is elected by all vassal states of HRE .
- The Roman King can become Holy Roman Emperor if he is crowned by the pope.
- When the ruler of HRE dies or is overthrown, the elections begin.

- The beginning and end of the elections is announced by the admin. The Electors have one week to decide. Their decision has to be RPed and posted in the thread. You may choose not to vote anyone.
- Every Faction leader of any HRE faction can candidate.
- Candidate, who is heir of the previous Roman king has boost of one vote, heir of The Emperor has boost of 2 votes.

- Character with the greatest support becomes The Roman King, unless the other candidate(s) claim the title. Any candidate with at least one vote from other faction ( or boost) can claim the title.
- The Winner of the civil war becomes The Roman King.

The Roman King
- The Roman king leads diplomacy with other independent kingdoms, if HRE is at war, he is chief commander.
- He can claim AI settlements for 2,5k, or he can claim the entire AI faction that is bordering with HRE for 10k ( only once per his life unless he becomes The Emperor). All HRE factions can participate in both cases, who takes the settlement first, becomes its owner.
- He can declare conquest (see independent kingdoms)-
- He can declare war upon vassals who broke the laws of HRE. The Dispute becomes civil war - Rebellion.
- Becoming Roman king allows you to pick one more home settlement.

Counter King
- When a group of vassals decide that The Emperor/Roman King is unworthy of his title (excommunication, attacking his vassals, etc), they can elect a counter king. Everyone from the rebelling coalition has to pay 5k. They elect counter king amongst themselves. If The Roman King/Emperor is excommunicated, the pope can choose whom from the coalition whom shall be counter king if the coalition lets him. If they let him choose, they dont have to pay anything. If the counter king dies, they can elect another (everyone hast to pay 5k again, if they cant afford that, they lose. Or the pope chooses again). Antipope can be used samely as a pope in these matters.
- If the coalition succeeds, the counter king becomes a new roman king (not Emperor)..

Becoming Holy Roman Emperor
- To become Emperor, you must be The Roman King, you need approval from The Pope, 15 000 gold and you mustnt be excommunicated.
- If all these conditions are fulfilled, Imperial Ride may begin ( the money shall be removed by admin).
- The Roman King has to travel to Rome, where he will be crowned emperor by the pope. He can be also crowned by antipope, if the faction the antipope belongs to holds Rome.

Holy Roman Emperor
- Holy Roman Emperor leads diplomacy with other independent kingdoms. If HRE is at war, he is chief commander.
- Emperor can place Imperial Ban ( once per 15 turns) upon the faction for breaking the laws of HRE ( fighting the other factions withing HRE, refusing to obey The Emperor, etc).
- Holy Roman Emperor can claim the entire AI faction for 2,5k ( once per 10 turns). He can claim a human independent kingdom once per his reign. If he wants to make them part of the Empire, he has to pay 15k to start a war. If he wants to destroy them, he has to pay 30k. In all three cases all HRE factions can participate and become owners of the settlements they take ( unless the faction become vassal, than it keeps its home settlements).
- Holy Roman Emperor can declare crusade if he has more than 8 crosses.

HRE status
At Peace
- No war within the Empire ( The Roman King/Emperor vs someone else) or with another kingdom. Wars between two(or more) vassal states isnt civil war.

At war
- HRE is at war with other independent kingdom.

Civil War
- During the civil war you can change sides/join war only once per life of you FL ( with RP). For at least five turns after your decision you mustnt change it.
- During the civil war, no new claims can be granted to HRE factions.
- Ongoing war for claims can continue only if both sides are neutral in civil war, or if they choose different sides. If this doesnt happen, the claim is lost and the war ends.

Neutral faction are the factions that didnt vote for any candidate. Although, they can join the war later ( 5 turns after the elections).
- The faction that was supporting a candidate can become neutral if they pay 5k to all sides.
- During civil war you cant destroy enemy faction by taking all their settlements ( except imperial ban and excommunication). If their last remaining settlement is under siege that cant be lifted, their participation in the war ends. They cannot join the ongoing civil war anymore. Once the civil war ends, their home settlements must be returned to them.

- System for fines: Kings purse + 1k for every home settlement + 1k for every other settlement that the faction still own after the war.

War between candidates for the title Roman King
Last surviving candidate becomes The Roman King. Home settlements must be returned.

-The War ends with death of The Roman King/Emperor ( not caused by rebels), or if the agreements is made. Home settlements must be returned.
- The Rebels wins if they kill The Roman king/Emperor or when his last settlement is under siege, in this case he would be overthrown. His home settlements must be returned, his other settlements may be kept by the rebels if they took some. All settlements that was taken from the rebels during war must be returned to them, settlements taken from the supporters of The Roman King/Emperor must be returned ( doesnt count for settlements that was taken by a successful claim).
-It might also end with defeat and punishment of rebelling faction(s) ( not destruction of the faction). Punishment is removal of all their not home settlements. Half of their home settlements can be occupied by The Roman King/Emperor for 5 turns. They also have to pay full fine to the Roman King/Emperor.

War for independence
- The war ends with agreement. Home settlements must be returned.
- If the rebelling faction wins, it gains independence. Although, all HRE settlements taken by the rebelling faction during the war are returned to the original owners, settlements taken from the rebelling faction must be also returned ( doesnt count for settlements that was taken by a successful claim).
- If The Roman King/Emperor wins, the punishment is the same is in "Rebellion".

Counter king
-The war ends if an agreement is made, or with death of The Roman King/Emperor (not caused by rebels). Home settlements must be returned.
-The counter king wins if The Roman King/Emperor is killed ( by the forces of the coalition) or if he is forced to abdicate (last remaining settlement under siege) of The Roman King/Emperor. All settlements taken by the coalition from The Roman King/Emperor and his supporters may remain in their hands.
- The Counter king is new Roman king.

-If the coalition loses ( last settlement of counter king under siege), The Roman King/Emperor and his supporters can keep all settlements they took (except home settlements). All settlements will be removed from the faction the counter king comes from ( except home settlements). The faction counter king comes from has to pay full fine, other factions just half fine.
- If the counter king dies during the war, and the coalition cant afford to elect another, they lose. In this case, all factions from the coalition have to pay fine in amount of half of their budget to The Roman King/Emperor, the settlements they lost may be kept by their enemies ( not home settlements).

- If the counter king dies, the coalition that was supporting him has one turn to decide whether they will continue in the war by electing new counter king or bend the knee and suffer the punishment. During this turn the war continues with no change. The civil war may end sooner, if they make the announcement of their decision before the 1 turn has passed. If 1 turn has passed, and a decision still hasnt been made, they lose automatically.

Imperial Ban
- The War Ends either with death of The HRE Emperor ( not caused by the banned faction), or if an agreement is made. Home settlements must be returned.
- Emperor loses if he is killed by the banned faction, or when his last settlement is under siege (=abdication).
-Emperor wins if the banned faction is destroyed. Factions that were supporting banned faction will be punished samely as in Rebellion.

- If one of the sides is excommunicated during these civil wars, then the excommunicated factions can be destroyed unless the pope/antipope cancels the excommunication.
- In such case the normal civil war rules are implemented again.

Blood alliance
- Blood alliance is the highest form of alliance in game formed by a marriage. Breaking marriage alliance will cost you 10k. As breaking of blood alliance isnt considered standing on different sides of civil wars, as long as your armies dont fight each other.
- If the marriage alliance ( or forced marriage) is broken, you can claim enemy home settlement of the faction the princess belonged to (once per 10 turns).

- Blood allies gain one additional claim that is shared by them. Each of them has to pay 5k for the shared claim, it is up to them to decide who will own the settlement once it is taken by their forces.
- If the blood allies are two independent kingdoms, they gain an additional allowed shared conquest ( *rules allows you to make only one conquest against the same faction per life of your FL). In that case, at least 10 turns have to pass since the last conquest declared by any of the allied faction against their enemy. They both have to pay 10k and they need approval of pope/antipope. Each of them gets one of the claimed home settlements.
- Once the claim is succesful ( a claimed settlement is held for at least 3 turns), they have to wait at least five turns before they are allowed to make another shared claim.
- A player can take part only in one shared claim/conquest in the same time.
- Pope cant form blood alliances

- You can also force marriage, if a princess from an other faction without an escort is in your lands and your units can block her, so she cant escape (pics needed) If she has an escort, you need to defeat it first. If the escort is defeated then you can also force marriage. Forced marriage costs 5k.
- The player who owns the princess that was captured must use her as the player who captured her wants. Thus if he wishes to wed her to some of his characters, the player who owns her has to wed her to a character he is ordered from the other player. However, she can seduce the general if she has more than 35%.

List of current blood alliances
Duchy of Bohemia - Kingdom of Poland

Home settlements

- If you hold a settlement for 20 turns in row, its added to your home settlements. (20 turns since the settlement became de iure yours)

Kingdom of Sicily - Palermo, Messina, Bari
Kingdom of Poland - Krakow, Wroclaw, Plock
Kingdom of Hungary - Esterzegom, Várad, Gyulafehérhár
Kingdom of France - Paris, Orléans, Rheims
Kingdom of England - London, York, Rouen
Venice - Venice, Zara, Verona
Duchy of Franconia - Mainz, Frankfurt, Wurzburg
Duchy of Bohemia - Prague, Olmutz
Duchy of Swabia - Inssbruck , Augspurg
Duchy of Saxony - Bremen, Magdeburg
Duchy of Bayern - Regensburg, Salzburg
Duchy of Lower Lorraine - Antverp, Koln
Duchy of Upper Lorraine - Metz, Trier
County of Burgundy - Besancon, Zurich
Margaraviate of Austria - Wien, Graz
Milan - Milan, Genoa
The Pope - Rome

Faction - Settlement - Turn of expiration

Poland - Halicz - 16
Pope - Cagliari - 17
Lower Lorraine - Utrecht - 17
Sicily - Iraklion - 19
Franconia - Lyon - 19
Burgundy - Dijon - 20
Upper Lorraine - Troyes - 20
Venice - Ragusa - 20
Swabia - Cambrai - 20
Pope - Cagliari - 28
Poland - Riga - 29

Basic rules


- You have 24hrs to complete your factions turn. If you cannot complete your turn within the time limit you may ask for 12 hrs extension, but only before you are late. The Admin will not waste time trying to make contact with a late player. Its up to you to let the admin know you will be late. If you do not, then expect to be skipped. Admin will sub you only if you ask him to do that before you are late, and send him instructions, otherwise you will be skipped anyway. This rule will be strictly enforced by the Admins.
-If you are late too often or constantly need extensions you will be replaced.
- When admin intervention is needed you must send admin a PM explaining the situation. Don't bother posting issues about other players on the main Thread.
- No exploits/bugs allowed. F.e. movement bug, merchant stack/fort, agent stomping, surrounding armies/navies to deny retreat, armies on ships to go through enemy zone of control (brown tiles where armies should stop), spies spreading plague.. ect
- If you are discovered using an exploit/bug/cheat of any kind then you will be removed from the HotSeat. This is a 0 tolerance rule. So if you think what you are doing might be an exploit.. well then guess what? It probably is. Confirm with the Admin if needed before making a post.
- You are not allowed to use alliance to bypass forts/etc.. if you are betraying a faction you have had an alliance with. First declare war, then attack it.
- No watchtowers.

- No exploiting AI factions ( you are not allowed to trade money or lands with AI by using diplomat).

Military rules
- All battles between human players are auto-resolved. Screenshots must be posted with: odds and result screens, mouse over the odds bar to show the ratio, the armies involved with their banners visible on the campaign map, unit card of siege unit (ballista/catapult/trebuchet) must be visible if used to directly assault settlement.

- NO ONE TURN PEACE. You can invade/enter anyone's land on Turn1 UNLESS they have not played their turn yet.

- Armies that are defeated in battle by a player that comes after them in the turn list may not move the following turn. This is to make it fair for people who are defeated by players that come before them in the tringurn list. Armies standing in fortifications (fort/settlement) when defeated are excluded from this rule.
- Heroic victories vs players aren't allowed (exception when it's impossible to get another result)
- Ships cannot leave blockaded ports without defeating enemy ships first. No attacking ships in ports using a game bug. It's not allowed to keep units protected by placing them in ships docked in a port. Ports can be also blockaded by land units - At least two units of land army for each ship inside the port are required to blockade the port.
- Not allowed to post defeats.
- You are not allowed to besiege a settlement to deny garrison participation in the battle.
- You are not allowed to besiege a settlement to deny enemy retreat into it.
- You are not allowed to lure an ambushing army a tile further to bring it in range of more of your forces.
- Each unit of balista/ trebuchet/ catapult can be used just once in each turn to take settlement.
Balistas can assault wooden walls,
catapults can assault also basic stone walls
and trebuchets can assault also large/huge stone walls.
- Limit of 3 forts per region/player. Minimum of 4 units per fort.

Agent rules
- Whether a spy may open gates the gates of the settlement depends on the size of the settlement´s garisson. If a settlement/fort is defended by at least 720+ soldiers, then spies MAY NOT open the gates. If a settlement/fort is defended by fewer than this number, then spies may open the gates without restriction. Screenshots must be posted.
- Assassins arent allowed to kill FL, FH and any other family members. Confirmed bishops/archbishops and (anti)popes arent allowed to be assassinated. They can sabotage ( 60%), and they can kill generals They need 60% chance to assassinate, against other assassins just 40% needed. Screenshots required.
- Merchants need 60% to acquire other merchant's assets. Only allowed in your own regions, Rebel Controlled Regions, or regions you have aquired Trade rights to. Screenshots required
- A Princess may steal a general/FM only if there is more than 35%. General/FM cant be stolen in order to lift the siege

Settlement rules
- Destroying buildings isnt allowed. Only exceptions are buildings called "feudal/republican/.. system". You may destroy them only in order to build your own system.
- When receiving a region through diplomacy all units except 1 must be disbanded.
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HRE - Hotseat Rules and List of Players Empty Re: HRE - Hotseat Rules and List of Players

on Tue Jan 16, 2018 1:01 pm
Well, I doubt we will find enough replacementd. The best would be turing the factions AI. These are moreles all independent factions, so we would make it HRE only moreless (with exception of Sicily I guess).

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HRE - Hotseat Rules and List of Players Empty Re: HRE - Hotseat Rules and List of Players

on Tue Jan 16, 2018 9:02 pm
propably for the best, the ERE being AI while ie england and france are not has already messed up balance. do we still have enough HRE players?
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HRE - Hotseat Rules and List of Players Empty Re: HRE - Hotseat Rules and List of Players

on Thu Jan 18, 2018 9:59 am
We could turn england-france-venice to ai. Poland could join in there aswell. We could also turn some of the subbed hre factions to ai aswell. We have 6 open spot I believe.

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HRE - Hotseat Rules and List of Players Empty Re: HRE - Hotseat Rules and List of Players

on Thu Jan 18, 2018 10:20 am
I think turning England/france/poland/hubgary/venice AI will do the job to keep this viable.

HRE - Hotseat Rules and List of Players 3wibvt0x78p2x4vzg
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HRE - Hotseat Rules and List of Players Empty Re: HRE - Hotseat Rules and List of Players

on Thu Jan 18, 2018 12:16 pm
If my good old venice is still good old Very Happy i may try.

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HRE - Hotseat Rules and List of Players Empty Re: HRE - Hotseat Rules and List of Players

on Sat Jan 20, 2018 5:05 pm
I turned england, france, venice, poland and hungary ai now, so that leaves Burgundy as open and milan if JC doesn't want to continue as far as I know.

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HRE - Hotseat Rules and List of Players Empty Re: HRE - Hotseat Rules and List of Players

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