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Hotseat Communities Empty Hotseat Communities

on Mon Jan 22, 2018 8:07 am
The aim of this thread is to let all members of our community know about other hotseating communities/groups, samely as to let the other communites know about us. This list will soon be posted in every group/communitiy on the list. Our purpose is to provide all hotseaters with more options and also new hotseat experience. This should bring new people to each community, thus the hotseats should become more enjoyable, as you will not not play against the same players every time. However, the main reason why did we decide to do this is to connect all hotseaters together, so we can share our ideas and help each other.

TWC Hotseat Campaigns

"TWC hotseating community is far one of the largest known hotseating community. The purpose of this community to gather around people who enjoy playing in hotseats, competiting againts each other, making new friends and having fun nonetheless. We are trying to provide enjoyable hotseats with using various mods as well as rebalanced/retweeked kingdoms expansions or vanilla scenario to provide much needed variety and that people who are here are having a blast and will not get bored that easily. Our goal to maintain good, quality hotseating experience with providing secure, trustable admins and ensuring that turns are completed within acceptable time.
We take hotseating seriously as our community is builded upon this and as such we are always on to ensure turns are completed in reasonable time and we are always thinking to improve the mods we are already using or creating new ideas, scenarios or experimenting with a mod that wasn't used for hotseating at all, but viable in the long run. We are always on to achieve the best for our players and we will always try to not disappoint our players. We have big variety of hotseating mods, such as The Elder Scrolls, Stainless Steel and many other, and we also have special section for Westeros hotseating and all of the submods that was made for it or are used for hotseats.
As we are improving the mods we are using we always on to improve our rule systems to ensure that every player has a balanced, fair start and playing time within our hotseats.
We are also trying to maintain some form of contact with other hotseating groups, so that our community members can always find the right choice of hotseating for themselves as well as helping and improving each others community.
If you are interested in hotseating then you are in the right place at us."

Link to the forum

Whom should you contact
Third Age Total War hotseats - joerock22 (steam id)
Westeros hotseats - SoulGamesInc (steam id)
Main section hotseats (all hotseats not included in previous categories) - Dragon. (steam id)  

Medieval Total War Gaming Group

(no longer active, but still a place worth of visit)

"MTWGG is a group designed to accept all players, new or veteran, into the world of Medieval 2 Hotseat and Online Battles. Though it is almost exclusively a casual multiplayer group, there is some degree of support for guides, real medieval history (including a section filled with relevant articles), helping players learn the game, and other odds and ends. It is not designed to be a technical forum for modding and/or general support, nor is it a platform for trading or unrelated games, though multiplayer based on Medieval 2 mods is completely welcome. Staff are veteran players who are available to help. Rules differ in each HS. We are using mods such as Stainless Steel, retrofit, Third Age and some others."

Link to the community

Whom should you contact - CommodusIV or Tetri

Medieval II: Total War CCM2 Multiplayer/Hotseats Group

"The purpose of my group, the Med II Custom Campaign Mod 2 Multiplayer/Hotseats Group, is to round together a nice community of players who are interested in the mod. This group is for hotseats, arrangement of multiplayer battles, etc. I aim to provide a safe, fun group where players can get together to enjoy the beauty that is this mod for Medieval II. The hotseats hosted on here are well maintained, and they can be a blast. With concerns about time limits for turns, I believe there should a good amount of flexibility. If a person tells me that they will be busy and can't do a turn, I am glad to give them a time extension. If a person knows they can't do it within the normal time limit (which can range from 1-2 days), I will be more than happy to let one of their friends do the turn for them. The rules and punishment for rule breaks in hotseats are also very flexible. If you accidentally broke a rule, and you are honest about it when approached with the accusation, I will be compassionate about it. And if you're a person who doesn't like hotseats and campaign in general, it's fine. After all, this is a group for multiplayer in general. I will announce whenever a multiplayer battle is being hosted. I will provide information like what Steam Download Region, the type of battle (siege or field), and whether it is a historical-type battle or just one for fun. After all, a siege with the faction of the Rebels can be a blast. Whether you like multiplayer hotseats or battles, this group is the place for you to go if you're looking for friends to make while playing the Custom Campaign Mod 2 for Medieval II: Total War."

Link to the group

Whom should you contact - -_xX_KmanBEASTALICIOUS_Xx_-

Medieval II Hotseat Generals and Full SS Hotseat

"We are a group of players well known among the community of medieval 2 in both the multiplayer battles setting and the hotseat setting, we enjoy doing large scale hotseats and also expansion hotseats everyone once and a while. However we take hotseats very seriously, and will not tolerate slow progress or slow progress on a major scale. We can also do hotseats on mods like SS aswell."

Link to the group

Link to the 2nd group

Whom should you contact - Temujin

The Best Hotseat Players

"A steam group for people who play hotseats on Medieval 2 Total War, are good at them, play their turns in a timely manner, and do not quit hot seats. Anyone can admin a hot seat and create their own rules, and generally we let members pick their own factions. We use mods aswell as vanilla."

Link to the group

Whom should you contact - Visceral Jouster

Medieval 2 Total War Hotseats Gro

"So we're a very new group, we founded only a month ago in early December, and we've only started a Brittannia hotseat and a Crusade Hotseat to get a feel of what its like. We are currently planning hotseat(s) for Third Age, Stainless Steel, Age of Petty Kings, other Kingdoms hotseats, and any others we might come across. As of our rules, we do not have anything solid currently, as we are all new to hotseats, but we like to have people complete and pass on their turn within 24 hours. We limit spies to abotu 2-3 or so depending on the map size, and no assassinations as of now. We highly value trustworthiness and the honoring of alliances. We also kinda of like to rp the faction we are playing to an extent, such that we try to act accordingly to how they did in history/lore. We haven't quite developed any type of method to enforce our rules, but they are lenient enough that they are followed without trouble."

Link to the group

Whom should you contact - Lowly Noob

StrategyTurk (Turkish community)

"We are Turkish speaking hotseat community based on Strategyturk. We have active hotseat community and we are always looking for new players. Usually we have more than 10 active hotseats at the same time. We have experienced moderators in the hotseat section. Hotseat admins are experienced and having no problem about the console. We play vanilla and also modded hotseats like Westeros, Thirdage and Kingdoms etc. The hotseat rules are almost irreproachable and we usually are having no bad situation about the rules. If we have situatiom we ask decisions about the rules to players and try to have the most fair way and then decide. We have hotseats for Experienced players and beginner hotseat players."

Link to to the forum

Whom should you contact - Oathsworn

SS 6.4 M2TW Multiplayers

"My SS multiplayers is a unique niche group for players who play almost exclusively SS hotseat/online battles. Many hotseats focussed around the different parts of the SS map have been successful and many are currently running. We use a bugfix that fixes various glitches and historical inaccurices. We focus on fast paced hotseats with good players and think that personal relationships outside of hotseats should not affect the gameplay. We are good at hosting interesting fast paced hotseats with reliable players. we usually have a 24hour window to play a turn from when it was received, however most players complete it much more quickly. this helps us get around a 7 player hotseat 3 times in a week on average, for example. The Rules differ between games, but usually there is a spy limit of no more than 4 and assassin limit of 1. I enforce rules like time limits and anti exploits very thoroughly."

Link to the group

Whom should you contact - BezR rXn

Warhammer End Times Hotseat Campaign Group

"This is a hotseat campaign for Warhammer Beginning of The End Times mod with patch 1.01. Here we can communicate with eachother for email exchanges and report our turn progress. ACTIVE PLAYERS ONLY! NO QUITERS! We begin as soon as the hotfix patch 1.05 comes out. Basic rules including max 5 spies, 48 hour turn times before skip, no exploits, max of 1 Whaag/chaos crusading army."

Link to the group

Whom should you contact - StevoTheBull-3

Total War Online (Hungarian Community)

"Total War Online is the hungarian portal for Total War games and community. We are the main community of the hungarian total war players within our country and we are serious hotseating players. We play our turns in time and we have very serious regulations againts those who leaves hotseats before they finished. We mostly used vanilla M2TW grand campaigns with usually filled up with 17 players, but nowdays our number isn't that big to support such hotseats and we are now only host scenarios with maximum 9-10 players, but mostly less. We are using very few different mods as of now. Our rule system is very much different from others, such as TWC or other steam group ones. Most of our players are very experienced and new people quickly learn aswell. Some of our members are already participating in some ways within TWC, however on our forum there is no hotseat that is suitable for non-hungarian speakers. We very much like to face againts new challenges and we usually always up to try our best againts said challenges."

Link to the forum

Whom should you contact - Dragon. (or Steam id)

Total War Youtubers PT

"Hotseats are the best platform to be able to play multi-player campaigns with the biggest TW Youtubers of the Portuguese language. The Hotseats were also created with the intention of giving the subscribers giving them the opportunity also to participate in them and to fight against their Youtubers.

This page, and in conjunction with other projects on the same name as Facebook, were created for the strengthening, growth and union of the Portuguese-language Youtubers community for Total War games. Wherever you are born from That you produce videos of TW in Portuguese, you can send a request to us. Within the requirements and parameters that we have established you can send your application. Send a message on this page.
Our goal is to unite and connect the subscribers of all, to create a unique visibility window and growth platform for all those who want to squeeze Youtuber's life into the Total War game.
The requirements to be able to have the privilege of having videos published on this page can range from a certain number of subscribers and / or your video activity in your channels. After the first contact, your channel and work will be analyzed during an undesired time until a final response is given to you.
Link of the page and central location of TW Youtubers PT on Facebook for the promotion of channels: here"

Link to the group

Whom should you contact -§ oOIYvYIOo § LL

Roleplaying Hotseat Guild

"This is I, The Wise Coffin; to offer you a different hotseat experience that you are accustomed to. This are for those that want to roleplay; and not to be cold and relentless. There is place for ruthlessness, but one most first think of himself as the ruler of his nation, instead of a player sitting in his chair and play with his faction. THAT, is the key to roleplay.

The summary of this group is that there will be different threads for different hotseat campaigns that i will be creating; and each hotseat campaign will have slight rule differences; to better fit the style of the mod in question. There will be examples of campaigns on my channel, as a sorts of initial look at the particular campaign; but in reality, in this group i shall not participate directly. Instead i shall be a mediator; the type of person that looks after the rules and see that they are applied; also sending to the players several roleplay missions to better help in the immersion.

There will be only one campaign, or two if someone helps, running in this group; because i am just one person and i am also busy with other projects. That's why i haven't made this group a public one; so to better control the flow of players on it. It's a calm and small place for those that want to experience the roleplay in hotseats. Whend in campaign remember always to send me your saves, or link them in the discussion thread; so for i to regulate and administer the rules on them."

Link to the group

Whom should you contact -The Wise Coffin

New Youtubers Hotseat Group

"This group was created by me to create a new home for the hotseat players and hotseats running in the former Youtubers Hotseat Group before it was deleted as well as for new Youtuber hotseats and players.
There are three basic goals for the group:
1. Have fun.
2. Create content for our Youtube channels.
3. Increase views and subscribers for our Youtube channels via cross-linking.
It is required for prospective members to be active and regular producers of Total War oriented Youtube content. Hotseat turns are required to be published on Youtube.
Otherwise, the hotseats are flexible with the individual hotseat administrators being responsible for the rules and their enforcement for their respective campaigns."

Link to the group

Whom should you contact -OldTotalWarrior

Hotseats Medieval Total War - (Spanish community)

"Spanish speaking hotseat community. We have the highest rate of finished hotseats in the world, because here the winner is who enjoys it most."

Link to the group

Whom should you contact -Mencey

Hotseat - Strategie-Zone (german community)

"Large roleplay hotseats based german speaking community"

Link to the group

Whom should you contact -Fortinbras

(If you think there is any other community worth of adding but not in the list, please go ahead and contact me on steam, or TWC.)

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