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AoR - Discussion and Rules Empty AoR - Discussion and Rules

on Wed Jan 17, 2018 8:48 pm


The "mod" maker:

Retrofit MP 2.0 download: http://www.twcenter.net/forums/showthread.php?191857-Retrofit-Multiplayer-(Retrofit-MP)-2-0-released
(If the link is now working, just google "Retrofit MP 2")

1. Kingdom of England - TURNED AI
2. Royaume de France - Hannibal2001
3. Sacrum Imperium Romanum (Holy Roman Empire) - Ramble12
4. Reino de Castilla (Castille) - Admin Controlled
5. Serenísima República Véneta - misafeco
6. Comitatu Calabria et Apuliam (Sicily and Naples) - Delinard
7. Βασιλεία Ῥωμαίων (Byzantine Empire) - ScotlandIsBest
8. Рѹ́сьскаѧ землѧ (Kievan Rus') - visceraljouster
9. Al-Murābiṭūn (Almoridvian Empire) - Captain Melon
8. Saljūqiyān-i Rūm (Seljuk Sultanate of Rum) - ArBo
9. al-Fāṭimīyūn (Fatimid Sultanate) - CommodusIV
10. Norégveldi ( Denmark and Norway) - CelivalTheGreat
12. Polska - (Poland) - Wieza22
11. Magyar Királyság (Kingdom of Hungary) - Thebearking

- Reworked, balanced, and more historical starting positions.
- Family members have traits based on their real life doings.
- More advanced factions and starting armies.
- Rivalries and the Investiture Controversy.
- Every faction has a real advantage and disadvantage (Listed below)
- Every faction has a special character with usefull traits.

- Time to play your turn is 24h. The Admin may grant a 24h extension if needed.
- If you are late with no notification you will be subbed or skipped by the admin. Do not expect the admin to spend a lot of time on your turn. Once you have been subbed/skipped it is final. Do not ask to replay if you do not like the results.
- If you need to be subbed/skipped too often you will be replaced.
- No exploits/bugs allowed except merchant fort/stacking. (Resources from the Timbuktu, and Arguin region were completely removed!) F.e. movement bug, naval attack spam, agent stomping, surrounding armies/navies to deny retreat, armies on ships to go through enemy zone of control (brown tiles where armies should stop), spies spreading plague.. (no use of exploit list in tavern)
-No exploiting the AI

Military rules

- No Jihad or Crusades allowed.
- Battles can be played manually or be auto-resolved. Screenshots must be posted with: odds and result screens, mouse over the odds bar to show the ratio, the armies involved with their banners visible on the campaign map, unit card of siege unit (ballista/catapult) must be visible if used to directly assault settlement.
- Armies that are defeated in battle by a player that comes after them in the turn list may not move the following turn. This is to make it fair for people who are defeated by players that come before them in the turn list. Armies standing in fortifications (fort/settlement) when defeated are excluded from this rule.
- Not allowed to sally out if the result is a defeat.
- You are not allowed to post a losing Naval Battle.
- Ships cannot leave blockaded ports. No attacking ships in ports using a game bug. It's not allowed to keep units protected by placing them in ships docked in a port.
- You need at least 1:2 odds or higher to win a naval battle
-no blockading ports from another port

Agent rules

- Spies need 15% to enter forts/settlements. screenshots required. If a spy is already in a settlement it had to leave and re-enter
-Assassins can do everything if they have 30% for success, however faction leader and faction heir cannot be killed by assassins, but any other family member can be killed, if the chance is higher than 60%.
- Princesses can steal through marriage other factions family members/generals as long as they are not the faction's special characters if they have 30% of chances.
- Merchants can seize other merchants only if they have 30% of chances.

Settlement rules

- When receiving a region through diplomacy all units except 1 must be disbanded.
Destroying buildings is not allowed in these 3 situations:
- If the settlement is under siege
- A far superior army is one turn away from the settlement. *exception: your starting regions
- You have not yet held that settlement for 3 turns
-You are not allowed to exterminate settlements


Some of the factions have special requirements to win the game. Without completing them, it doesn't matter how powerful you are, you can't win.
- Assasins can't kill the faction's special characters. However, they can sabotage.
- You have to rename your faction to the name listed here. You can use the English or Latin name of your faction however. Public letters to all the kings and sultans are more than welcome (Like in the RP HS) but not necessary.
- Rome can't be conquered by default catholic factions.

Investiture controversy

The Investiture Controversy or Investiture Contest was the most significant conflict between Church and state in medieval Europe. At issue was who, the pope or monarchs, had the authority to appoint (invest) local church officials such as bishops of cities and abbots of monasteries. If any catholic faction attacks the Papal States, the Investiture Controversy will take place, and a war will break out between those who side with the pope, and those who don't.

- Factions can only start the investiture war after turn 5.
- Every faction which was catholic in the first turn, have to side either with the pope or against him. Other orthodox, or muslim faction can join one side if they wish.
- Every hostile move against the Papal States is considered as an act of war (Bribing, assasinating, etc). Buying Bologna, or any settlement under the Pope's rule is not allowed.
- „Leaving” the catholic church is not considered as an act of war, however those who do this take the side against the pope in advance.
- Every faction in one side will be allied against the other side in a war. No ceasefires between two opposing factions.
- The Pope can only be killed in battle.
- The war won't be over when the pope dies: It lasts until one of the sides concede defeat. Until the war is over, factions who joined one side can't win the game.

All rewards are one time only.


- The Sack of Constantinople: The player who first captures Constantinople, gets 5000 florins as a bonus. (All Factions)
- The Capture of Jerusalem: If a Catholic faction captures Jerusalem for the first time, the faction will get 5000 florins, 10 crusader units, and one catapult. (Catholic only)
- The Capture of Antioch: If a Catholic faction captures Antioch for the first time, the faction will get 5000 florins, 10 crusader units, and one catapult. (Catholic only)
- The Capture of Rome: If an orthodox faction Captures Rome the faction will get 5000 florins, and the best avaliable church in all of its settlements. (Orthodox Only)
- Destruction of the Byzantine Empire: The muslim faction which defeats the Byzantines will get 5000 florins, and the faction may choose one town which will get upgraded by one level. (Muslims only)
- Destruction of Spain: If a muslim nations defeats Spain, all of his generals will get a level of "Eager" trait. (Muslims only)

Killing characters

- Kill Constantine the Fortunate: Get a +3 moral bonus trait on the general along with the "Spymaster", "Mercenary Captain" ancillaries.
- Kill Prince Charles the Butcher: Get 3 levels of the trait "Despoiler" with a catapult in you capital.
- Kill Aleksei Pavlov: Get 4 levels of the trait "Eager" which grants +25% movement speed.
- Kill El Cid: Get one level of the trait "Eager" along with 3 levels of dread on you general.

Faction specific awards

England: Have 20 ships - 5000 florins
France: Have Metz, Rheims, Rennes, Caen, Bordeaux as your settlements -5000 florins
HRE: Have 5 stone walled cities - Frankfurt gets upgraded to the next settlement level
Spain: Capture Granada, Cordoba, and Valencia - 5000 florins
Venice: Have 35000 florins in your treasury, and 3 trade agreements in place -Venice Gets upgraded to the next settlement level, gain 5 war galleys.
Sicily: Have Genoa, Milan, Ajaccio, Cagliari as your settlements - 5000 florins
Byzantine Empire: Capture Antioch - Antioch gets upgraded by one settlement level.
Russia: Destroy a faction - 3 of your original settlements get upgraded by one level.
Moors: Capture Toledo, Zaragoza, and Algiers - 5000 florins
Turks: Capture Nicea, Nicomedia, and Smyrna - 5000 florins
Egypt: Have a port, and stone roads in Jerusalem, and also be able to recruit spies there - Get 2 free buildings in Jerusalem
Denmark: Sack 15000 florins from player and rebel controlled cities - Get two levels of the trait "Eager" on your king, get 3 dragon boat ships.
Poland: Capture Vilnius, Thorn, Stettin - 5000 florins
Hungary: Don't loose 2 of your 3 settlements for 15 turns - 5000 florins

ENGLAND: Great naval power, but don't have a hold on Normandy, and in mainland Europe anymore.
Special character: William The Conquer

FRANCE: Strong armies, have whole France for himself, but have no income. Can't win the game without it's starting provinces and Rheims, Caen, Rennes, Bordeaux, Metz.
Special character: Philipp, the Handsome

HRE: Stone walled cities, good income, but lacks castles and feudal knights. Can't win the game without it's starting provinces and Metz, Magdeburg, Genova, Firenze, Bologna, Hamburg, Bruges, Antwerpen.
Special character: Kaiser Henrik IV

SPAIN: "Reconquista" : Eager generals and militia armies to take back Iberia from the Moors, but poor infrastructure. Can't win the game without it's starting provinces and Valencia, Cordoba, Lissabon, Granada.
Special character: El Cid, the Warrior

VENICE: Huge starting bank, Venice is a trade center, 3 really good merchants, naval power. However, stronger factions surrounds them, and other settlements are poor.
Special character: Domenico, the Watcher

SICILY: The great army of the Normans, Palermo starts as a fortress. Only two settlements to start with. Can't win the game without it's starting provinces and Bologna, Firenze, Genova, Milan.
Special character: Roger, the Normann

BYZANTINE EMPIRE: Constantinople, the other beacon of Christianity with a very good infrastructure. The treasury is empty. Can't win the game without it's starting provinces and without destroying the Turks, and the Egyptians.
Special character: Constantine, the Tacitus

RUSSIA: The fictionary Cuman general, Aleksej Pavlov with a +50% movement point bonus. Every other family member has a +25% movement point bonus. Very bad infrastructure.
Aleksej Pavlov, the Cuman

MOORS: Culturally advanced cities, can recruit catapults in Granada from the start. Hardly any real armies. Can't win the game without it's starting provinces and Lissabon, the Spanish cities, Bordeaux, Toulouse.
Special character: Yusuf, The Builder

TURKS: Hordes of the East. Bad infrastructure, enemies everywhere. Can't win the game without it's starting provinces and Damascus, Jerusalem, Baghdad, Constantinople, Budapest.
Special character: Malik Shah, the Lord of Terrors

EGYPT: Mubarak, the powerful fictionary character to restore the Fatimid Caliphate. Have to defent against the Turks.
Special character: Mubarak

DENMARK: Veteran viking units, foothold in Scotland, extra income from looting cities. Isolated.
Special character: Prince Charles the Butcher

POLAND: Very good cavalry, good relations, good family members. Stuck between the HRE, Hungary, and the Russians.
Special character: Wladyslaw, the Good

HUNGARY: Fortified borders, has no special weaknesses.
Special character: Laszlo, the Just
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AoR - Discussion and Rules Empty Re: AoR - Discussion and Rules

on Tue Feb 27, 2018 7:01 pm
AoR is on hold until it migrates back to TWC. We might get our old players back, like misafeco
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