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Warhammer Online RPG: The Shadows of Sylvania - RECRUITING! Empty Warhammer Online RPG: The Shadows of Sylvania - RECRUITING!

on Sun Jan 14, 2018 7:39 am
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Warhammer Online RPG: The Shadows of Sylvania - RECRUITING! YiaEmke

A couple years ago I ran an online RPG Campaign, set in the Warhammer world. It was rather successful, and those involved seemed to have had a very good time with it (although I did stop posting AAR updates after the second night). As such, I’m ready to start another game, and would like to invite anyone interested to join!

Q: What’s the game about?
A: The Players will be venturing to the Sylvanian town of Gerhof, to answer the summons of a local tavern owner. She fears that her young employees are being preyed upon by some unknown monster, and that a nearby Duchess is somehow involved. But not all in Sylvania is as it seems, and the foggy moors and shadowy forests hide secrets and dangers beyond imagining.

Warhammer Online RPG: The Shadows of Sylvania - RECRUITING! YHr8ruL

Q: How will it be played?
A: Anyone wishing to play will need a working headset/mic, as we will be talking. A webcam isn’t necessary though. The game will take place over Discord, and will use a vastly simplified D6 system (you can use an online dice roller if you like, or I can roll for you). Don’t worry about learning the rules, because there are very few. The game’s focus is on roleplaying and creativity, not on the minutia of combat mechanics.

Q: When will it be played?
A: We’ll work out a once or twice weekly time for everyone to be online. Sessions will last ~3 hours, but ideally could be extended if we’re in the middle of something. We won’t be rescheduling under any circumstances, but missing one session won’t be the end of the world.

Q: Do I need to know much about Warhammer Lore to enjoy it?
A: No, knowledge of the Warhammer world is by no means a pre-requisite.

Warhammer Online RPG: The Shadows of Sylvania - RECRUITING! L7rGiwd

Q: What sort of characters will we have?
A: I draw the line at “Emperor Karl Franz’s Cooler Younger Brother”. Ideally, you’d all be about level 15-ish, emphasis on the ish. If you’re familiar with Verminetide, your characters would be roughly on par with those heroes at the start of the game. All races are technically allowed, but you’d better have a damn good lore explanation for why they’re there (humans=great, dwarves=good, elves=OK, lizardmen=eh, orcs=NO). It’s also a give-and-take system, where a noble lineage/heirloom sword will need to be balanced out by some negative trait or encumbrance. This also works the other way around.

Q: I want in, what do I do?
A: Message me on any service, and I’ll invite you to the Discord Channel. There we can work out good game times.
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