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IBHS - Hotseat Rules and List of Players Empty IBHS - Hotseat Rules and List of Players

on Fri Jan 12, 2018 10:29 am

Jadli Presents

Score Hotseat - Iliac Bay

IBHS - Hotseat Rules and List of Players FLxw1nm

You will need The Elder Scrolls mod with Unofficial Patch 1.3
You can find links and installation here
Or you can also use the FULL download

Round 1


Clan of Crowned Captain Melon - 236
Kingdom of Daggerfall Zkarel - 866
Kingdom of Wayrest Macrath - 2589
Clan of Forebears Jadli - 2011
Kingdom of Orsinium Ventos Mustel - 3995.5
The Undead Dragon - 415

Winner: Ventos Mustel

Round 2


Factions and Scores

Clan of the Crowned Captain Melon - 0
Kingdom of Daggerfall Zkarel - 7,029
Kingdom of Wayrest saleska2 - 1,474.5
Clan of Forebears Jadli - 0
Kingdom of Orsinium Ventos Mustel - 4,966
Kingdom of Skyrim Dragon - 0

Winner: Zkarel



Goal 10,000

The Nine Divines (Admin) - JCdestr0yer
The Eight Divines (Co-Admin) - Joerock22

Factions and Scores

Clan of the Crowned Ventos Mustel - 100
Kingdom of Daggerfall Dragon - 0
Kingdom of Wayrest Jadli - 8080
Clan of Forebears Captain Melon - 0
Kingdom of Orsinium Zkarel - 1315
Kingdom of Skyrim saleska2 - 0

Winner: Jadli


Goal 15,000

The Nine Divines (Admin) -, Joerock22
The Eight Divines (Co-Admin) - JCdestroyer

Factions and Scores

Clan of Forebears Jadli - 11,277.5
lan of the Crowned Captain Melon - DEAD
Kingdom of Sharnhelm Captain Melon* - 2,414.25
Kingdom of Wayrest Ventos Mustel - 11,863
Kngdom of Orsinium Dragon - 1,139.75

*took over Sharnhelm after destruction of Crowned


Scoring Rules

- You will gets points for every won battles. One killed enemy increases your score by one point, and decreases enemy score by half in the same time( Ex: if you kill 1567 enemy men in battle, your team gets +1567 points, and enemy team loses -783.5 points. And if in the same battle your team loses 300 men, you lose -300 points and enemy gets +150.
So the result is +1267 points for you and - 633,5 points for enemy).
- Remember no minus points if you reach zero you stay at zero.
- Notwithstanding the above, if you earn points against a player who is more than 2,000 points behind you at the start of your turn, then you only receive half of the points you would otherwise be entitled to. This is to prevent players from winning a major battle and then racking up a huge amount of points against the weakened opponent.
100 points for sinking basic ship
200 points for sinking medium ships
300 points for sinking expert ships
400 points for sinking elite ships
Subtract half of the above points for losing a ship
Bonus points
+100 for thousands of dead enemies kill in battle, or for killing a general
+250 for taking settlement,
+500 for killing FL,FH or taking capital
+1000 for destroying a faction
Winning conditions
-The player who first achieves the above score ("the goal") is the winner, but the game will go on till the end of the turn. If a second player manages to decrease the first player's score under the goal, the game goes on. If the second player increases his score so it is greater than the goal (and greater than score of first player), then the second player will win.
Killing a spy is worth 100 points
Killing an assassin is worth 125 points
Selling out a merchant 50 points
There will be a number of rounds the person who wins two rounds wins the hot seat all together.



1. You have 24 turns to take your turn, if you don't ask for an extension or haven't appointed a personal sub you will be subbed/skipped.
2. You are not allowed to abuse bugs to yours or others' advantage. These are the known bugs:
The naval fort bug: No using ships to bypass a fort or a settlements Zone of Control.
Spam siege bug: Besieging a fort or a settlement with a force far superior in it, in order to either prevent that army from reinforcing or in order to cut down a settlements income is not allowed.
Fort watchtower bug: Constructing watchtowers in order to prevent forting is not allowed. Also no watchtowers at all.
Heroic victory bug: No Heroic victories at all. If you get a heroic victory you must reload until you get a different result, and if you cannot get a different result then you will not be allowed to play the battle.
Ambush fort bug: No luring men in ambush position into ZoC of forts\settlement's as such robbing them of their movement points.
Siege reinforcement bug: when the army is adjacent to a fort or a settlements that has been put under siege it cannot reinforce armies adjacent to him which he should have been able to reinforce on normal occasions. Attacking an army which the siege reinforcements bug applies to is not allowed
Navy inside ports attacked bug: no using this bug to attack ships which are inside ports.
Yoyo armies\forts bug: no attacking an army which the bug has been used on multiple times. You can see when this bug occurs, as the enemy army enters the fort and then leaves it.
3. You are not allowed to encircle an army, just to deny its retreat.
4. Destroying buildings is not allowed in these 3 situations:
- If the settlement is under siege
- A far superior army is one turn away from the settlement. *exception: if it is turn one it is allowed
- You have not yet held that settlement for 3 turns *exception: does not apply on turn 1-3 on home regions
5. 4 units per fort and 4 forts per regions
6. You are not allowed to sally out if the result is defeat(both is settlements and forts), and you are not allowed to fight a battle, if the result is defeat.
7. You have to VM/PM the next player after you upload your save.
8. Posting pictures of battle odds, and results is mandatory. All pics must show the attacking and defending forces. You are advised to delete your finance and minimap
9. The recruitment of spies\assassins and their use is allowed. Assassins are not allowed to kill faction leaders, heirs, or family members. They can sabotage, and they can kill generals with 60% chance to assassinate. They need 40% chance to assassinate enemy agents. Screenshots required. Whether a spy may open gates the gates of the settlement depends on the size of the settlementĀ“s garrison. If a settlements is defended by at least 720+ soldiers, then spies MAY NOT open the gates. If a settlement is defended by fewer than this number, then spies may open the gates without restriction. Screenshots must be posted.

10. Armies defeated by a player (b) that comes after the original player (a)'s turn cannot move next turn, so if Skyrim defeats a Redguard army, the Redguard army cannot move next turn. - Exception: Reinforcing armies in fortification, even if defeated, don't lose movement points. So player 'a' should be allowed to move the army that reinforced another while in a fort and was defeated by 'b'.Addendum to the same rule: no sallying out of a fort\castle which has forces which were defeated last turn. This is to make it fair for those who come last at the turn order, because they will not be able to do this
11. No sailing from a blockaded port without first defeating the blockade ( sea units only).
12. It is not allowed to accept money or regions from dying/obliterated factions.
13. It is not allowed use a princess to steal a general, unless there is more than 30% of success. (pics must be posted)
14. Settlements gifted should disband all units, except for one to keep public order.
15. One turn peace for all factions who have not played yet. For example, Redguard cannot attack Skyrim on turn 1 or send any units into its lands. Skryim can, however, attack Redguard on turn 1 and/or move units into its lands because Redguard has already played.
16. The recruitment of siege equipment and their use is prohibited.
17. It is illegal to place armies or any kind of land forces (Archers, Infantry, Cavalry) onto ships which are inside ports.
18. It is illegal to burn down ports in order to get around rule 11- if your port is blockaded and there are ships inside that port, if you burn down the port the ship is not allowed to move.
19. It is illegal to steal a general with a princess in order to break a siege.
20. in case someone performs a trick\move which isn't forbidden by the rules that the admin does not like, that action (if it should be allowed or not) goes to a vote and if more than half of the players agree then that rule will become valid next turn.
21. NO WATCHTOWERS. You may place them during your turn, but must reload, not allowed to finish turn with any watchtowers
22.You are not allowed to siege a settlement for purpose to deny garrison participating in battle.
23. It is illegal to disband defeated units and units under siege.
24.- Merchants need 60% to acquire other merchant's assets. Only allowed in your own regions or regions owned by factions whom you have acquired trade rights from. Screenshots required
25. You may only combine ships when in port and if they are at no risk of getting destroyed in the port, e.g. that ports city's is under siege.
26. Bonus points for taking an enemy capital are only for the capital from the start of the game. You can move your capital, but it will not change the original capital city which the admins will award the bonus points for.
27. The admin's decision is final.

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IBHS - Hotseat Rules and List of Players Empty Re: IBHS - Hotseat Rules and List of Players

on Sat Jan 13, 2018 4:32 pm
Ventos Mustel was declared a winner of the round, thus also a winner of the HS in consequence!

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