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IR Hotseat Rules and Features

on Fri Jan 12, 2018 9:50 am


Welcome to Interregnum, the official Main Section Gaming Staff event.

There will be three alliances, each consisting of of three players, opposed by admin factions. The goal of each alliance is restoring peace in Tamriel by securing The Ruby Throne in Imperial City and defeating the other alliances. However, in order to do that they must also deal with Molag Bal, who threatens to destroy Tamriel. Furthermore, the alliances are very unstable and there is many inner threats players will have to deal with.

The victorious alliance will be chosen using the point system (loosely inspired of Westeros Tournament). Passing the events and war in Cyrodiil successfully will be essential for the victory, samely as cooperation with your allies. Make no mistake, victory will have its cost.


We will be using my new Unofficial Patch 1.3 for The Elder Scrolls: Total War, which you can find HERE.


Ebonheart Pact (led by The Great Moot)

High Kingdom of Skyrim led by High King Jorunn The Skald-King

Kingdom of Morrowind led by Almalexia The Goddess (in absence of Vivec and Sotha-Sil)

Clans of Blackmarsh led by Archcanon Heita-Meen

Daggerfall Covenant (led by High King Emeric Cumberland)

High Kingdom of High Rock led by High King Emeric Cumberland

Kingdom of Hammerfall led by King Fahara'jad

Kingdom of Wrothgar led by King Kurog gro-Orsinium

First Aldmeri Dominion (led by High Queen Ayrenn)

High Kingdom of Summerset Isles led by Queen Ayrenn

Kingdom of Valenwood led by King Aeradan Camoran

Elsweyr Confederacy led by Mane Akkhuz-ri

Main admin - Jadli

Hordes of Oblivion led by Deadric God Molag Bal
Worm Cult led by King of Worms Mannimarco
The Empire led by Empress Regent Clivia Tharn

Other factions
(some of them might be played by The Hotseat Runner too temporarily)
Great House Telvanni
The Ashlanders
Veiled Heritance
House Montclair
Stormfist Brigade


I. Alliance Events

For accomplishing each of these events successfully you will get 2-4 points.
Most of these events dont have to happen in the order written below.

Ebonheart Pact

From The Ashlands
Llodos Plague
An Act of War
Crown of Freydis
Dangerous Union
Day of Reckoning

Aldmeri Dominion

Veiled Queen
Dominion hero
Traitors Within
Return from death
Wrath of The Cabal
Lunar Champion

Daggerfall Covenant

Blessing of Hircine
On The Edge of War
Crown of Rivenspire
Withered Hand
The Last Outpost of Resistance
The Seventh Legion

II. Cyrodiil Events

These events will be affecting mainly admin factions, and thus also the war in Cyrodiil. You might get points from some of these events.

Dead Rising
Fall of the Empire
King of Worms

III. Optional Events

These events will happen only if players choose to partake in them. Points might be awarded for some of these events.

Amulet of Kings
A Parley
God of Schemes

IV. War Missions

Will be sent privately to each alliance. Each 20 turns will be given new missions. Will be rewarded with 1-3 points.

V. Planemeld

Dark Anchors are opening all over Tamriel. If you manage to defeat invading deadric troops in 5 turns, , you get 1 point.



- There are 9
alliance fortifications
(including Weye and Fort Alessia) around Rumare Bay. Each alliance will start with three alliance fortifications, once they are unlocked by an event. You are not allowed to leave any alliance fortification empty.
- Any new fort you build in the mainland, must be further from an alliance fortification than can a character with regular movement points march in one turn ( so far it cant reach even ZoC of the alliance fortifications).
- Each alliance can also have maximally one fort on Imperial Isle. Such fort must not be directly blocking an access into Imperial City (the violet area)
- You can take Imperial City any time, but you get no points for holding it, unless you own at least 5 alliance fortifications.
- For each 3 continuous turns you hold Imperial city you get 2 points
- If an alliance manages to gain dominance (controls 9 or more settlements in Cyrodiil, or controls at least 5 alliance fortifications), the other two alliances may join forces. They can remain allies for 3 turns after the first alliance is not dominant anymore.

Use of ships in Rumare Bay is restricted by the following rules. Every alliance has two spots for their ships (on map -
Dominion, Pact, Covenant
). During your turns you can use ships to transport your units, but after that they must return them to the spots (in each spot can be maximally 3 ships). You are not allowed to attack other ships, and neither block the other alliance ships. The Bay must remain sailable for all alliancs.
- If you manage to take Bruma/Weye/Fort Alessia/Imperial City, you can use these ports as another place, where you can keep a ship.
Doesnt count for Cheydinhal port.

- Being the first one who takes 3 settlements in Cyrodiil from admin factions - 2 points
- Being the first one who takes 6 settlements in Cyrodiil from admin factions - 2 points
- Being the first one who takes 9 settlements in Cyrodiil from admin factions - 2 points

- Being the first one who takes 3 settlements* in Cyrodiil from other alliances - 2 points
- Being the first one who takes 6 settlements* in Cyrodiil from other alliances - 2 points
- Being the first one who takes 9 settlements* in Cyrodiil from other alliances - 2 points

*Not Fort Alessia, Weye or Imperial City. Also doesnt count for settlements you take twice in 10 turns. This exception is however valid only after the alliance fortificatins are activated. Before that these settlements count too.

- Killing enemy starting FL is worth of 1 point, samely as taking their capitals (Alinor, Elden Root, Dune, Stormhold, Mournhold, Windhelm, New Orsinium, Wayrest, Sentinel)

Each 20 turns will be awarded points for:
- The Strongest Economy
- The Strongest Army
- Territorial Gains (non-Cyrodiil) - settlements taken minus settlements lost.
- War Missions (see IV.)

End of the hotseat

- The hotseat will most likely end on turn 60.

- All winners of a winner alliance shall receive rep reward, a medal and a signature.
- Roleplaying is not mandatory. However, if there will be anyone worthy, the prize for the best roleplayer will be given - 1 point to the alliance the winner comes from.

The Rules


- Time for alliance to play their turns is 48h. The Admin may grant a 24h extension occasionally. Only the final save of each alliance is required to be posted. The one posting the save must notify all members of the next alliance in turn order!
- No exploits/bugs allowed.

Posting defeats, making walls of units on map to disallow enemy agents to move and stomping/killing agents with units, surrounding armies/navies to deny retreat, intentionally spreading a plague with agents/units, stepping on a merchant to remove him from a trade resource, exploiting AI factions ( for example demanding/accepting money or settlements from AI factions), and more.
- Suiciding a faction/alliance you play is not allowed, and may result into a removal from all GS events.

- List of known bugs:
1) The naval fort bug: No using ships to bypass a fort's or a settlement's Zone of Control.

2) Ambush fort bug: No luring men in ambush position into ZoC of forts\settlement's as such robbing them of their movement points.

3) Siege reinforcement bug: when the army is adjacent to a fort or a settlements that has been put under siege it cannot reinforce armies adjacent to him which he should have been able to reinforce on normal occasions. Attacking an army which the siege reinforcements bug applies to is not allowed
Navy inside ports attacked bug: no using this bug to attack ships which are inside ports.

4) Yoyo armies\forts bug: no attacking an army which the bug has been used on multiple times. You can see when this bug occurs, as the enemy army enters the fort and then leaves it.

5) Attacking ships inside the port - Attacking ships that are inside ports is not allowed.

6) Recruitment pool fill up - Quing up units in the recruitment sloots to increase artifically units/agents maximum number you can recruit in one settlement.

7) Recruting mercenaries in forts with depleted movement points - Using forts to get illegal maximum movement points to mercenaries in a depleted army.

8) Using ships to get more movement range - Using ships to give more movement range to armies on seas.

-Diplomacy with other alliances is not allowed (except events or domination in Cyrodiil). Alliances must fight each other.

- Players are not allowed to take Ghostgate or any lands beyond it.

Military rules

- No one turn peace ( although you cannot attack land of the enemy alliance, if they hasnt played their first turn yet. You can cross lands of a faction that hasnt played its 1st turn yet, if your army doesnt stand in enemy territory after its movement).
- All battles are auto-resolved. Screenshots must be posted with: odds and result screens, mouse over the odds bar to show the ratio, the armies involved with their banners visible on the campaign map, unit card of siege unit must be visible if used to directly assault settlement. In some matches manual battles against AI will be allowed.
- Armies that are defeated in battle by a player that comes after them in the turn list may not move the following turn. This is to make it fair for people who are defeated by players that come before them in the turn list.Armies standing in a settlement when defeated are excluded from this rule.

Heroic victories against players are not be allowed. However, occasionally it happens player cant get any other type of victory then heroic victory. In such cases heroic victories may be allowed, but only if the odds are higher for the attacker than 1:1.

- You are not allowed to post a defeat
- Ships cannot leave blockaded ports. No attacking ships in ports using a game bug. It's not allowed to keep units protected by placing them in ships docked in a port.
-Not allowed to besiege a settlement to deny its garrison participation in battle.
- You are not allowed to besiege a settlement to deny enemy retreat into it.
- You are not allowed to lure an ambushing army a tile closer to bring it in range of more of your forces.
- Limit of 3 forts per region per alliance. At least 4 units per fort are required.
- Each unit of siege equipment can be used just once in each turn to take settlement.
Ballistas can assault wooden walls and forts,
catapults can also assault basic stone walls/castles,
and trebuchets can also assault also large stone walls and fortresses.
- Huge stone walls, citadels, alliance fortifications and capitals cannot be assaulted by any unit of siege equipment, only a siege.

Agent rules

- Spies are not allowed to open Gates on players, unless there is at least 60% (for capitals, huge stone walls, citadels and alliance fortifications its 80%) chance of entering into the settlement. If a spy was has been in city for several turns, you will have to leave the settlement and enter it again. If inside the settlement is at least 1200 soldiers (720 for capitals, citadels, huge stone walls and alliance fortifications), than a spy may not open the gates anyway. Screenshots must be provided
- Assassins cannot sabotage and are not allowed to kill family members or generals. Assassins need at least 60% chance to kill other agents, for enemy assassins/spies just 30% is required. Screenshots must be provided
- Merchants need 60% to acquire other merchant's assets. Only allowed in your own regions, Rebel Controlled Regions, or regions you have aquired Trade rights to. Screenshots required
- Bribed units/agents cant move for one turn. You can bribe only settlements/forts that your armies can directly march into.

Settlement rules

- Destruction of buildings is not allowed. Only exceptions are churches of foreign religions. They can be destroyed immediately after taking a settlement
- Not allowed to exterminate settlements.
- Each alliance can trade maximally one settlement per turn
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